CFP: Echoing Anglo-Saxon England (grad) (12/1/06; 2/17/07)

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Echoing Anglo-Saxon England: Continuities, Encounters, Influence

The Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium 3rd Annual Graduate Student

Saturday February 17, 2007

The Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium (Columbia, Rutgers, Princeton,
NYU) invite interdisciplinary submissions for the 3rd annual
Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium Graduate Student Conference to be
held at Columbia University. This conference seeks to explore the
ways in which Anglo-Saxon literature and culture echoes (spatially
and temporally) in surrounding or distant cultures, as well as how
alterity echoes from within Anglo-Saxon texts and cultures.
Submissions can address issues of cultural identity between
Anglo-Saxon England and other societies, both medieval and modern;
the presence of the Anglo-Saxon canon in debates on textual studies
and criticism; and the influence of Anglo-Saxon on the modern
literary imagination and other artistic mediums. Paper topics might

--Pre and Post continuities: Anglo-Saxon influences after the Norman
invasion, continuities in pre and post colonial England, Romanity
and Anglo-Saxon England., Middle English and AS affinities.
--Anglo-Saxon palimpsests in Middle / Medieval / Renaissance English
--The Circum-Atlantic Anglo-Saxon World: American racial
Anglo-Saxonism, Jeffersonian Anglo-Saxonism and revolutionary
--Anglo-Saxon law and polity, and legal history, evidence and
-- Icelandic folklore
--The Antiquarian's Task: conserving and preserving the Anglo-Saxon
--Anglo-Saxon readings or translations of those who came before them
(i.e. Classical or Eastern texts / cultures)
--Anglo-Saxon encounters with their Scandinavian, European, Eastern
or Celtic contemporaries
--Critical theory and post-colonial studies; theorizing Anglo-Saxon
canon, and vice-versa
--Reader responses to Anglo-Saxon texts from the Old English period
to the present
--History of the book and Anglo-Saxon studies
--Modernity in Anglo-Saxon texts
--Anglo-Saxon and 20th-century pedagogy
--Anglo-Saxon texts or subject matter and modern cinema, theatre,
and music
--Polemics and politics in modernist translations of early
--Anglo-Saxon and Celtic influence in the visual arts: from the
Pre-Raphaelites to the tattoo parlor
--the Anglo-Saxon influence on modern authors, including
        W.H. Auden Robert Bridges
        Robert Graves Thom Gunn
        Gerald Manley Hopkins C.S. Lewis
        Alfred, Lord Tennyson Richard Wilbur
        Walt Whitman
--The impact of new media on Anglo-Saxon studies and pedagogy

Please submit an abstract of up to 250 words in length by email
attachment to Also include your contact
information, including active email address, street address, and
phone number, and any requests for audio-visual equipment. We will
consider all submissions addressing the theme and encourage
interdisciplinary approaches. Submissions must be received by Dec.
1, 2006 to be given full consideration for inclusion in the
program. For more information contact

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