CFP: Forgetting, Absence, Silence (grad) (12/31/06; 3/22/07-3/24/07)

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Amy Teresa Hondronicols
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The 9th annual Graduate Student Conference hosted by the programmes in Comparative Literature, Spanish and Theory & Criticism, "Drawing a Blank," invites 200-300 word proposals for 20 minute presentations in English, Spanish and French. The deadline is December 31st, 2006. Please email proposals and a brief CV to Naqaa Abbas and Amy Hondronicols at
Drawing a Blank

Call for Papers

9th Annual Graduate Conference

Hosted by Comparative Literature, Spanish and Theory & Criticism
The University of Western Ontario: London, Ontario

March 22-24, 2007


Keynote Speakers: Dr. Rodolphe Gasché (SUNY Buffalo, Comp Lit), Dr. Bridget Elliott (UWO, Visual Arts) & Dr. Anthony Purdy (UWO, French)


Forgetting is the other side of memory, often left in memory’s towering shadow. But forget all thatâ€"we will rediscover the discursive significance of forgetting: its connections to forgiveness and cultural memory, the formation of truth and institutionalization, expression and suppression. This conference explores the implications of forgetting, the strenuous desire to avoid forgetting, and the gaps left by forgetting. We welcome participation from students of literature, theory, Spanish, visual arts, history, philosophy, political science, cultural and media studies and more. The topic is open for unique interpretation, so please consider the following as only points of departure.


Forget Foucault! ● forgetting as digestion (Nietszche) ● Deleuzian anti-memory and positive forgetting ● Plato and anamnesis ● ¡Olvídese de la protesta! ● regimes of silence and disappearing ● anti-monuments ● national memory/collective forgetting ● Phorget the phantasm! ● trauma and repression ● Freudian slips ● the mystic writing pad ● lack and Lacan ● Spectres of Marx ● Martin Guerre ● lotus-eaters ● Forget that Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge! ● and other mnemonic devices ● monastic memory towers ● archives ● museums and material memory ● Forget ___ & “ ”! ● visualising absence ● memento mori ● photography as ellipsis ● documentary ● Oubliez le temps perdu! ● writing to ward off forgetting ● Mnemosyne, mother of the muses ● autobiography â€" forging memories? ● spaces in syntax ● writing silence ● aletheia! ● not just a river in Hades ● Inferno: damned to forget the present ● Forget déjà vu!!
  â— amnesia ● photographic memory ● tip of the tongue ● prosthetic memory ● Forget . . . then Forget again! ● temporality of forgetting ● temporariness ● Bergson ● flashback/forward


Amy Hondronicols & Naqaa Abbas

Conference Organizers

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