CFP: Un(bound): The Humanities in Transition (grad) (5/31/07; 10/5/07-10/6/07)

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GRACLS University of Texas, Austin

The Program in Comparative Literature at the University of Texas, Austin
Announces its Fourth Annual Graduate Conference

 October 5-6, 2007

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*"Un(bound): the Humanities in Transition*

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Haun Saussy

Professor of Comparative Literature, Yale University

In the age of globalism, the humanities have become the place for forming
new pathways that connect academic disciplines and refashion curricular
boundaries. Rapid change calls upon the scholar to embody a new spirit of
trans/inter-disciplinarity, leading to scholarship that detects and crosses
geographical and disciplinary divisions.

This conference will seek to explore comparative projects that emerge from
diverse geographies, varied languages, and multiple methodologies. The
conference begins with the following questions and aims to compare answers:

How do the many fields within the rubric of "the Humanities" engage each
other in dialogue? Does theory alone bind us together or do we examine a
shared subject matter? With what potential, and what risk, do literary
scholars appropriate methodologies from other fields, from history to
folklore, from media studies to anthropology? When we cross these borders
should we worry about losing sight of the literary, and should we be
concerned about such a loss? How do our colleagues, such as sociologists or
performance theorists, reply to us as they include literary or cultural
texts within their work?

This conference invites papers from scholars in literary and cultural fields
but especially welcomes submissions from colleagues in other fields for whom
literature and culture have become pressing and important. We encourage
projects from non-European/North American fields particularly, as well those
which consider the points of contact between Euro-American and global

In the spirit of opening dialogue, we welcome submissions from all
disciplines, on any related topic including, but not restricted to:

1. Relevance of cultural studies for inter/trans-disciplinary research

2. Women's/gender studies, cultural texts and interdisciplinarity

3. South-south comparisons

4. The interdisciplinarity of trauma and memory studies

5. Performance studies as a site of interdisciplinarity

6. Gender studies and queer studies and their cross-cultural operations

7. The potentials for transnational critical race studies

8. Postcolonial studies and interdisciplinarity

9. Creative writing and literary theory

*Please email 1 page abstracts (250-300 words) with name of presenter,
university affiliation and area of **studies to
Submissions will be accepted until **MAY 31, 2007**.*

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