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Frank Veroustraete

Dear Carbo-Hydrologists,

May we draw your attention on joining the session on “The Coupling Between
the Carbon and Hydrological Cycles - The Issue of Water Use Efficiency”,
planned for the AGU Fall Meeting of 10-14 December 2007 in San Francisco.

This session will focus on carbon and hydrological cycle dynamics and more
specifically on the coupling between these cycles at regional to global
scales. The focal point of Session B12 is the assimilation of remote
sensing imagery in models for the estimation of Water Use Efficiency from
regional to global scales. The Session also solicits for contributions on
the impact of hydrological conditions on ecosystem carbon uptake and
release and therefore its impact on climate change.

Consider submitting an abstract for this multidisciplinary session at the
AGU website (


Note that the deadline for abstract submission is September 6th.


Best regards,


Frank and Willem


Session B12: The Coupling between the Carbon and Hydrological Cycles - The
Issue of Water Use Efficiency.


Sponsor: Biogeosciences

Co-Sponsor: Hydrology

Convener: Frank Veroustraete VITO/Centre for Remote Sensing â€"
Belgium (

Co-convener: Willem W. Verstraeten University of Leuven â€"


Description: Water use efficiency (WUE) is the ratio between net amount of
carbon absorbed by vegetation and the amount of water lost by
evapotranspiration. WUE is an important variable in ecological and
hydrological studies since it is a link between the carbon cycle and the
hydrological cycle. Many approaches focus on field-experiments and point-
simulations for a specific ecosystem accurately estimate plant WUE. They
face difficulties however to upscale the point-simulated WUE to regional
WUE. With the development of new remote sensing techniques, regional and
global WUE can be estimated by coupling NPP and ET models at various
spatial and temporal resolutions.

This session explores the state of the art in this field of research.


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