CFP: [Graduate] "A Second Look at Secondary Characters"

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Connor J. Trebra
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The EGSC Fall Symposium atCalifornia State University Chico
November 29, 2007

“A Second Look at Secondary Characters”

We invite graduate and honors-level students to present original work at
our annual symposium. This year’s symposium is designed to encourage
students to look beyond the more obvious choices available for
consideration in order to discuss, define, and interpret the importance of
secondary or supporting themes, theories, and characters within all fields
of English. Suggested areas of study:

• Original fiction that examine the role of secondary characters in the
lives of real or fictitious figures
• Approaches to constructing bit players
• Interrogation of new works constructed from the fragmentary or multiple
points of view of minor characters in canonical works
• Exploration of factors and effects of dominant cultures or structures on
marginalized peoples or explorations of diasporic literature that rewrites
canonical texts
• Analysis of marginal characters in light of certain character types (e.g.
the noble savage, the deceiver, the female nag)
• Treatment of secondary characters in specific works (e.g. minor
characters who seem to steal thunder from the protagonist)
• The role of places and spaces (e.g. how rooms, parks, streets, homes
become minor characters within a greater work) or other non-human/inanimate
• The narrator as a secondary character
• The works of authors who are themselves writing from a marginal position
• Exploration of factors and effects of dominant cultures or structures on
silenced peoples,
• Interrogation of literary or theoretical movements that attempt to give
voice to those that are marginalized
• How various roles of the participants in a discourse community contribute
to the creation and reception of text
• Exploration of theories and ideas that run against traditional
composition theory.

Please submit a 300-word abstract by November 2, 2007 for consideration.
The length of the papers should be 7 to 8 pages; participants will present
for 12-15 minutes in moderated sessions at the symposium. The papers
accepted to the Fall Symposium will be considered for publication the
spring edition of The Erudite, an EGSC publication.

Abstracts may emailed as an attachment to .

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