CFP: [Graduate] CFP: Transatlantic Dialogues. Eastern Europe, The U.S., and Post-Cold War Cultural Spaces, Buchares

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Ioana Luca
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 CFP: Transatlantic Dialogues. Eastern Europe, The U.S., and Post-Cold War
Cultural Spaces, Bucharest (1/31/08, 05/24/08)

Call for Papers

Transatlantic Dialogues. Eastern Europe, The U.S., and Post-Cold War
Cultural Spaces

This Workshop is organized within the framework of the Fifth International
Conference of the Romanian Association for American Studies, “The Sense of
America. Histories into Text.”

Time and place: 24th of May, 2008, The University of Bucharest, Bucharest.

The workshop focuses on the topical issue of transatlantic relations in the
post-Cold War period, and specifically addresses the question of
transatlantic exchanges, representations and misrepresentations that
characterize this age of transition and upheaval. Post-communism, itself a
highly volatile term, has come to signify a cluster of historical, social,
cultural, economic discourses about change in Eastern Europe. While Cold
War mythology was largely responsible for drawing up a vision of a highly
polarized world, the post-Cold War configuration is still undergoing a
process of negotiation to account for new structures of organization that
cut across fields as diverse as culture, literature, education, politics,
social life, economics. The organisers welcome approaches dealing with the
multiple binds of post-Cold War configurations from a variety of
disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives including literature,
history, political science, sociology, economy, visual arts, media and film
studies, popular culture. Papers may address themes such as those below:
- converging discourses: post-communism, post-colonialism, post-modernism
- the post-communist transition and the renegotiation of Eastern European
- the postmodern ethos and post-Cold War cultural/social dynamics
- Eastern European predicaments and models for the future
- the “end of history” in transatlantic perspective
- transatlantic relations in the age of globalization
- U.S. cultures in Eastern European contexts
- exporting Eastern Europe to the USA: techniques of representation and
- post-Cold War U.S. literary and media discourses about Eastern Europe.

The organizers are inviting proposals for 20 minute papers on these and
other themes related to the topic of the workshop.

A selection of papers will be published in the workshop proceedings.

Proposals (not more than 300 words) must be submitted by January 31st 2008
to the following address:

For further questions, please contact prof. dr. Rodica Mihaila, Dr. Roxana
Oltean or Ioana Luca at

*The workshop is part of the research project entitled The Romanian
Cultural Space in Transatlantic Perspective: From Postcommunism to
Post-accession supported by UEFISCSU (PNII ID1000/2007).

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