CFP: [Graduate] Repetition and Return

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Jayna Brett
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Repetition and Return
Call for Papers
10th Annual Graduate Student Conference
Hosted by Graduate Programmes in Comparative Literature, Spanish and
Theory and Criticism
The University of Western Ontario: London, Ontario
March 6-8, 2008

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Karmen MacKendrick (Le Moyne, NY),
Dr. John Zilcosky (University of Toronto)
Dr. Richard S. Parks (The University of Western Ontario)
& Dr. Aara Suksi (The University of Western Ontario)

Imagined alternately as liberating or condemning, as sought-after or
inevitable, Repetition and Return are themes that emerge again and again
in a variety of fields and critical discourses. A foray into that which
has been ‘done before,’ however, need not be an exercise in redundancy -
rather than wallow in an anxiety of influence, one might delve into the
relationship of repetition and return to notions of time, its
delimitation and abrogation; to compulsions psychic and embodied; to
social, political and epistemological systems and their transgression,
and to other creative variations that promise to yield a
worthwhile ‘return.’ We welcome participation from students of
literature, theory, film, music, philosophy, women’s studies, political
and social sciences, history, theology, visual arts, cultural and media
studies and beyond. The following are posited only as possible points of
departure. Please feel free to eschew or expand on our suggestions ad

Sequels, covers & impersonations; rip-off or homage?;
Back to the Future; rewriting History; exile, migration, right to return;
nostalgia; wandering and travel narratives; Difference and Repetition;
theme and variation; choruses and coda; broken record; trauma and the
compulsion to repeat; The Uncanny; stuttering and parapraxis; residue;
echo; ‘neo-...’ or when everything old is new again; intertextuality as
reproduction; plagiarism; prophecy and fulfillment; Biblical typology;
epistemological return; life cycles and tide tables; Eternal Return;
resurrection; Re-naissance; Sisyphean labours…..

We invite 200-300 word proposals for a 20 minute presentation in English,
French or Spanish. The deadline is January 10th, 2008.
Please email proposals and a brief CV to Maria Dasios and
Jayna Brett at

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