CFP: [Graduate] War Literature and the Media

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Lindsay Palmer

The print and television news media have always played an important role
in creating a “text” for understanding war. Sometimes literary memoirs
and war-time poetry support the media’s outlook on national and
international struggles. At other times, such literature provides a
counter-text, using elements such as irony and satire to undermine the
purported “objectivity” of journalistic attempts to explain the
phenomenon. How have the various media contributed to or undermined the
understanding of war, especially in the post-September 11th world? How
have contemporary writers and poets “written” the war, and do these two
forms of war writing interact at all? Possible topics include:

War Memoir
War Poetry
War Fiction
War and the New Media
War Journalists
Television news accounts of war
War and Talk Radio
War and Trauma Theory
WWI Literature and Contemporary Literature
Vietnam and Iraq
War and Counter-culture
War and Visual Culture
The “Literariness” of Propaganda
War and Science Fiction

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