UPDATE: [Graduate] Electronic Literature, "Race," and Gender Studies

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Lindsay Palmer

University of Califoria at Riverside
Graduate Humanities Conference, April 11-12, 2008

An increasing number of writers and visual artists are appropriating
computer animation to enhance their various texts, as well as staking out
a cyber-“space” for these works on the Internet. As this virtual world
grows and intersects with the “real” world, anxiety about reality and its
alleged relationship to the visible may become more and more prevalent in
the literature of the twenty-first century. How does electronic
literature negotiate and de-stabilize vision-based identity categories,
specifically those of race and gender? How do other literary and
artistic genres interact with electronic literature to weaken these
categories? Possible topics include:

Electronic Literature and Queer Theory
Electronic Literature and Feminism
Electronic Literature and the Construction of “Race”
Electronic Literature and the Written Word
Video Games and the Construction of Social Identity
Virtual Reality and the Construction of Social Identity
Photography and Electronic Literature
Visual Culture and the Internet
Aesthetics and the Internet

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