CFP: [American] Charles Brockden Brown Society Meeting Oct 9-11, Dresden Germany

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Philip Barnard
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The Charles Brockden Brown Society invites papers for its 2008 conference
in Dresden:

Empire, Revolution, and New Identities:
Geoculture and Geopolitics in Brown and his Contemporaries.

(6th Biennial Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society)

Thursday-Saturday October 9-11, 2008
Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, DE

Our conference theme emphasizes current efforts to explore Brown and his
era in terms of historical systems and forces that exceed traditional
perspectives based on the nation-state. From his earliest writings and
novels to the late “Annals of Europe and America,” Brown reflected on
imperial and colonial systems, and drew on revolutionary-era print and
intellectual networks that connected writers across his circum-Atlantic
context. Our focus on geopolitics and geoculture in Brown and his
contemporaries relates historical versions of these questions to
contemporary scholarly work from “trans” or “post” nationalist perspectives
on a variety of topics, from Empire and Colonialism to new formations of
the subject.

The Dresden conference will mark the Brown Society’s return to Europe. At
the heart of Mitteleuropa and in a region central to the German
Enlightenment, Dresden will be an ideal location to consider international
themes and the reconfiguration of national boundaries. The conference site
in Dresden offers special opportunities for engaging with questions
concerning Brown and German or Central-European Enlightenment, the cultural
politics of Sturm und Drang and early romanticism, and the period’s
German-language novelistic and historical production generally.

The conference organizers offer this general rubric to include a wide range
of possible topics. We invite work not only on Brown, but also on his
“contemporaries”: figures and topics that intersect with Brown, and other
writers or topics in eighteenth-century or revolutionary culture (US or
other) that contribute to our understanding of the conference topic in
general. As always, we are particularly interested in papers and panels
that address Brown’s non-novelistic writings and post-novelistic period
after 1801. Possible topics for papers and panels include:

        --Theories and discourses of empire, imperialism, and colonialism then and
now, and their use in reading Brown and other texts and practices of the
eighteenth century and revolutionary-Napoleonic period.
        --Empire, imperialism, colonialism and the gothic, from Brown to Shelley
and beyond.
        --Eighteenth-century and revolutionary women’s writing on empire.
            --Brown and the German Enlightenment, philosophy, or
literature: Brown and Schiller, Wieland, Kotzebue, or German science
during the Enlightenment (Mesmer, Lavater, etc.).
        --Schiller, Tschink, Grosse, and the Schauerroman.
        --Relations between Brown’s Circle, British Radical Circles, and German
Culture (e.g., via Holcroft and Dunlap’s many translations from the German).
        --Anglophone radical enlightenment (British, Irish, Scottish) and its
relations with German Romanticism.
        --Citizenship, civil society, and commerce in Brown and his contemporaries.
        --Slavery, domesticity, sex-gender, and the development of modern
status-group distinctions in the eighteenth century and
revolutionary-Napoleonic era.
        --Wollstonecraft, revolutionary-era feminism, and the transnational legacy
of women’s issues.
        --Historical or fictional romance, romantic love, and transnational
intrigue (e.g., Wollstonecraft-Imlay-Godwin; Sansay-Burr,
Hemmings-Jefferson; fictional pairings such as Pleyelâ€"de Stolberg, Arthur
Mervynâ€"Achsa Fielding, Constantia-Martinette-Sophia, etc.).
        --Travel, Travel writing, and the representation of boundaries, regions,
nations, etc.

Instructions for submissions:
Deadline: Monday, June 2, 2008.
Please send electronic files of 250-word paper and panel proposals to all
three of the following addresses: Philip Barnard (, Bryan
Waterman (, and Lisa West (

Travel Support for Graduate Students:
Two Alfred Weber Travel Awards of $500 each for graduate student
participation will be awarded, funded by the Brown Society. Criteria for
these travel subventions will favor students at the dissertation stage
(over those in earlier stages of degree work) and those who have not
previously presented at a CBBS meeting. Graduate students applying for a
subvention should indicate their interest in a cover letter and provide
information about whether or not they are ABD.

For further information about the conference, please consult the website of
the Charles Brockden Brown Society:

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