CFP: [Graduate] U of Leeds (UK) Art and Power Interdisciplinary Conference (05/01/08; 09/27/08)

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basil chiasson

“Art and Power”

A one-day graduate conference
School of English, University of Leeds (UK)
27 September 2008

Joseph Conrad expressed apprehension about the political and moral

utility of literature, W.H. Auden claimed that poetry makes nothing

happen, and Theodor Adorno asserted that there could be no poetry after

Auschwitz. Yet, in the postmodern era there is no shortage of art or of

theories that speak to political realities, conflict and calamity. In the

21stcentury and in the 7th year of the official “War on Terror” we ask: is

the pen mightier than the sword? Is art acting as a social corrective? Is

it politically effective? Or conversely, how and when is it co-opted and/or

appropriated, and to what ends? This conference invites papers that speak

to art’s politicisation, neutralisation, instrumentalisation, and its

relationship(s) to power more generally. Our objective is to establish a

dialogue that takes up the various intersections between art and power in

contemporary “globalised”, “capitalist”, “postmodern”, and “post”-colonial

societies. “Art and Power” is an interdisciplinary conference, and thus

topics for papers are not restricted to literature.

The keynote speaker will be Prof. Derek Attridge (University of York).

The conference will moreover include a session designed to advise young

scholars on publishing their academic work. Prof. Shirley Chew

(University of Leeds, general editor of Moving Worlds) and Dr. Mark

Taylor-Batty (University of Leeds, European editor of The Pinter Review

and co-editor of Performing Ethos) will give a talk on various aspects of

academic publication.

Presentation topics for the conference may include but are not limited to

the following:

- Art and totalitarianism
- Utopian/Dystopian visions in contemporary literature
- Paranoia and conspiracy theories
- The fluidity/rhetorical constructedness/abuses of the concept
“democracy” and its ideological derivatives
- The role of the artist and the academic under capitalism
- Globalisation, cultural imperialism and forms of cultural resistance
- Models of inclusion and exclusion in democracy and multiculturalism
- Expressions of dissent
- The instrumentalisation of art and journalism in “democratic” societies
- Politics and aesthetics
- Art and religion, art and atheism
- Issues of epistemological “access” and perceptions and discursive
constructions of “non-democratic” cultures and political crises through
western art and the media
- Creating feminist art within patriarchal societies

Abstracts for twenty minute presentations should not exceed 300 words

and should be accompanied by a short CV. Please direct your submission

to: by 1 May 2008. Visit the

conference website at:

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