UPDATE: [Graduate] Seminar on Editing Dickinson/Whitman

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Michael Gouin-Hart
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Call for Papers
2008 ALSC Conference, Philadelphia, October 24-26, 2008
Keynote Speaker: Jhumpa Lahiri,
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author of Interpreter of Maladies (2000)

May 9, 2008

The Association of Literary Scholars and Critics (ALSC) is re-issuing the call for papers for its
seminar on “Editing Dickinson and/or Whitman,” which is part of the 2008 ALSC Conference

The submissions deadline for this seminar has been extended to Monday, June 9.

Additional prospective members and current members alike are encouraged to apply.
Please see below for details.

Submission form and deadline. Submissions must reach the convener of the session by June 9.
They should be sent to both (1) the convener of the seminar and (2) the Association’s office at
alsc_at_bu.edu. On your e-mail’s “subject” line, please give your name and other information in the
following form: “ALSC 2008, [Name of Session] abstract by [First Name, Last Name].” For details
regarding submission length, please refer to the individual instructions for each session.

• If you do not send copies to both the convener and the ALSC, we cannot guarantee that you
will receive an e-mail notice acknowledging receipt of your proposal.

• You must be a member of the ALSC in good standing to participate. ALSC members receive a
discount on conference registration.

• For more details about the conference program and information about how to join the ALSC,
visit our website at www.bu.edu/literary.

General Description of the Seminar Program

The 2008 Conference in Philadelphia will continue the tradition established in 2004 of offering
seminars designed to increase participation of the membership in the conference and giving
them another excellent reason to attend. Modeled on what has worked successfully for such
organizations as the Shakespeare Association of America and the Modernist Studies Association,
these three seminars will each be led by a distinguished member of the Association.
Each seminar will have fifteen (15) guaranteed places, and each person accepted for a seminar
will receive an official letter of invitation to the conference and will be listed in its program.
Seminar participants will write brief position papers (2-4 pages maximum, double-spaced), and
will circulate their papers to the other participants and read all the papers prior to the
conference. The listing of the titles in the conference program should help participants obtain
travel funding for the conference from their home colleges and universities. Senior scholars are
eligible to apply for these seminars, but graduate students and junior faculty especially are
encouraged to do so; we hope that senior scholars and others will spread the word and
encourage their graduate students and junior colleagues to apply. The three seminars will run
concurrently. Those admitted as participants in each seminar will participate in the actual
discussion, but anyone at the conference is welcome to attend one of the seminars as an auditor
â€"not a participantâ€"provided there is sufficient room.

Seminar One: Editing Dickinson and/or Whitman
Convener: TBA
Can Dickinson’s poetry be properly edited? What is one to do with all of those manuscripts
attached to flowers or bees? What are modern editors to do with successive editions of Leaves of
Grass? And why are there no modern editions of, say, Drum Taps? In this seminar, we will
discuss various historical approaches to problems associated with editing Dickinson and
Whitman. We will then try to come up with some new solutions (or perhaps we will decide that
there are not any). Please send half-page abstracts or short papers (2-4 pages) as Word
attachments to john_talbot_at_byu.edu. All perspectives welcome; we hope to include participants
who have lots of experience in editing these poets as well as participants who have none.

Michael Gouin-Hart
Executive Director
Association of Literary Scholars and Critics (ALSC)
650 Beacon Street, Suite 510
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Phone: 617-358-1990 / Fax: 617-358-1995
Email: alsc_at_bu.edu / Internet: www.bu.edu/literary

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