CFP: [Graduate] Theatricality and Writing/Culture, 1968-2008 (International Summer School)

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Michael Bachmann
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IPP International Summer School at Mainz, July 4th-17th
“Take Up the Bodies: Theatricality and Writing/Culture 1968-2008”

Deadline: May 26, 2008

On the fortieth anniversary of the revolts of 1968, the IPP Summer
School at Mainz takes this opportunity to examine the persistence in
cultural memory of those events, their after-effects and their
compelling afterimages.

Under the banner "Take up the Bodies: Theatricality and Writing/Culture
1968-2008," the IPP Summer School turns to the excessive and
revolutionarily liberated body as a means of tracing the various
significances and consequences of what could perhaps be termed political
performativity, or the artistic, medialized and theatrical contexts for
continuing and extending the political projects of 1968. Following after
1968, the IPP Summer School at Mainz would like to inquire into the
conditions of the transformation of the public sphere and examine the
stakes of theatricality and mediality in producing public space.
Reacting against the pessimistic assessment of 1968 as a short-lived
revolution, can one instead view the shift from protesting politics to
writing a politics of protest as a broadening of the political? From a
transcultural and interdisciplinary perspective, the Summer School would
like to ask these and similar questions: How has the new corporeality
been negotiated in operatic, musical, dance, dramatic, filmic and
political performance? What has changed in the strategies of directors
regarding the literariness of theatrical texts? How has the role of
theatre as an institution which constitutes identity fundamentally
altered? How can one understand “writing/culture”? What new
understandings and acts of performance and performativity have been made

The international IPP Summer School at Mainz welcomes applications for
a 14-day session that includes seminars and plenary talks in English,
practical workshops and PhD presentation panels. Details at the link
below. Please send 250-word abstracts for papers in English by May 26,
2008 through the following link:

A limited number of TRAVEL AND ACCOMODATION GRANTS are available for
graduate students from abroad â€" please note that a faculty letter of
support is needed.

Keynotes and Seminars by: Sabine Haenni (Cornell), Friedemann Kreuder
(Mainz), David Levin (Chicago), Barton Palmer (Clemson), Patrice Pavis
(Paris), Martin Puchner (Columbia), Clemens Risi (Berlin), Freddie Rokem
(Tel Aviv), Steve Wilmer (Trinity College/Dublin), and others

See for further information.

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