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Emily Honey
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Locating Public(s): Culture, Space, Text, and Thought
A Graduate Conference at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst


Locating Public(s) is an interdisciplinary conference for Graduate
Students to be held April 4, 2009 at The University of Massachusetts,

The conception of the Public (or Publics) has been contested in
historical, social, and political arenas within the various discourses of
language and culture. Although, arguably, the public and its space have
been a subject of investigation since antiquity, recent scholarship has
reconceived earlier definitions in light of contemporary political shifts
and the increasingly invasive presence of media and technology into the
private sphere. By examining notions of the public, we hope to revisit
this concept within a contemporary framework. What are the forms of the
public and what issues are raised by its problematic definition? Is the
dichotomy between public and private a dated conception? How can
inquiries into the public inform our notions of other fields that require
the public and publicity for their operation?

In addressing the need for a current and expanded conversation about the
public that exceeds disciplinary boundaries, this conference aims to
create a space for graduate and professional students from various fields
within the Humanities to engage in dialogue, learn from interdisciplinary
perspectives, make connections, and share in our investigation of the
public and its bearings on our own work and lives.

· Collective Memory of Cultures, Nations
· (Re)Defining the Public
· Film and the Public
· Nationalism and the Public
· Transnational and Global Public Issues
· Defining the Public within diaspora Studies
· National Trauma and Public Spaces
· Public Rituals and Customs
· History and the Public
· Gender Studies and the Public
· Authorship and Audience
· Readership and Consumption of Texts
· The duality of the author, persons and personas
· Literature and the Public
· Public Reception of the Fine Arts
· The Subject and the Public
· Public Discourses
· Public and Private Politics
· Identity and Public Spaces
· Technology and Public Issues

· Participate as part of a Proposed Panel
· Present an Individual Paper
· Present a Performance or Creative Piece
· Serve as a Moderator on a Panel of Presentations


We will accept three different types of submissions:

1) Individual papers: please submit an abstract of 250-300 words,
including your name and institution.

2) Panels: please submit information for an entire panel of presentations
(3-4 presenters). This information should include abstracts of all
presentations, an abstract of the panel itself, title of the panel, and
presenter information (name, institution, and contact info). If you are
forming your own panel, you have the option of providing your own chair.

3) Creative Presentations/Panels: we also accept submission of creative
works, including creative writing, visual art, and dramatic performance.

For individual papers or creative presentations, the conference committee
will work to place you with other papers dealing with similar
goals/issues. All panels will run 75-90 minutes in length, meaning that
presentations should run no longer than 15 minutes in order to allow 30
minutes for questions. Time restraints for presentations within creative
panels will be more flexible and will be dealt with on a case-by-case

Please send your submission materials by email or email-attachment to the
Conference Committee at no later than Thursday,
January 15, 2009. For more information on the conference, go to

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