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Boston College Philosophy Department 10th Annual Graduate Student Conference
On Education
March 20-21 2009

Plato gave us a remarkable image: through the process of education, the
student leaves behind the shackles and darkness of a cave and ascends to
knowledge of the divine forms. That process has practical consequences,
which the prisoner faces in returning to the cave and transforming the

Since the concern in ancient philosophy for paideia, education has been
central to philosophical attempts to discover what we can know and how we
should live. Medieval reflection on the order of philosophical study gave
birth to the university, which through the liberal arts prepares students
to contemplate the highest truths. In modernity education is closely tied
to the possibility of universal enlightenment. When challenging
enlightenment ideals, contemporary philosophers reevaluate the goals of
education and the institutions that house it.

What experiences are formative for the human person? Can those be taught?
What is the proper method and goal of a philosophical education? Should
such an education shape our political and social life? Or does it serve
other ends? We invite papers that consider how these question have been
addressed in the history of philosophy as well as what contemporary
philosophy can contribute to the discourse on education.

Papers will be blind reviewed. Please limit submissions to approximately
4,000 words and attach a cover page including name, institution and contact
information. The submission deadline is January 15th 2009

Mail: Attn: Graduate Conference Committee
Department of Philosophy
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3806

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