CFP: [Graduate] Forming Connections, Connecting Forms

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Sean McAlister
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CFP: Forming Connections, Connecting Forms

A First Annual Conference of Graduate Language and Literature Students
in the North American Pacific Northwest
University of British Columbia, Canada
March 6-7, 2009

This conference seeks to make space for us as graduate students in the Pacific Northwest to
identify ourselves to each other, to create a sense of academic community, and to identify trends
in our work as we pursue language and literary study. We invite scholars from a wide variety of
research areas and approaches including but not limited to Medieval, Contemporary, Victorian,
American, Canadian, Postcolonial, British, Rhetoric or Poetics, to attend our first multi-
university, yearly conference designed to connect us under the banner of region while remaining
critical of how such regional boundaries and connections are made and maintained, and how
they determine our positions as critics.

Intended as an event that is formative on one handâ€"invoking regionâ€"and one which fosters
academic communication and sociability on the otherâ€"inspiring human connection and emotion
â€"this year we encourage proposals that address how work done in a particular genre, period,
research area, or theoretical approach, configures key terms of form, connection, and
feeling/affect. Broad interpretations of the terms form, feeling and connection are invited.
Examples of configurations include:
• how locale or physical location influences, determines, aids, or hinders scholarship in a
particular area or field
• how regional boundaries and/or connections determine our positions as critics
• connections between literary forms, literature(s) and/or historical contexts
• literary form and social cohesion
• transregionalism as a form of connectedness
• disaffection and formal evolution
• the social connectivity or isolationism of literature, scholarship and research
• how your work/study/field is (or is not) shaped, influenced, facilitated, or otherwise connected
to the Pacific Northwest region/environment
• literary forms and affect
• affect as social connection
• feelings of “the literary” influencing form
• metaphor as affective concept-connection
• moral sentiment and literary form
• the cultural as feeling connected
• religious forms and/or spiritual connections in literature
• lit crit connections and the academy
• feeling like a literary critic
• connecting students to literature
• the materiality of connection
Please submit proposals of up to 300 words for 15-minute papers for the research sessions that
address the above themes or submit, along with other scholars, a 500 word joint proposal/s for
particular panels under the central keywords listed above.
Deadline for abstracts: January 15, 2009 / Notification of acceptance: Late January 2009.
Submission address: To Mark Diotte at

North American Pacific Northwest Graduate Language and Literature Conference
Department of English
University of British Columbia
397 - 1873 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

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