CFP: [Graduate] Textual/Pictorial Methodologies in Graphic Narrative Media (3/01/09; 4/18/09)

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Michael Sivak
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From: Michael Sivak <>

Date: Wed. 5 Feb 2009

This panel solicits scholarly papers on diverse aspects of the graphic
narrative (comics, the graphic novel, sequential art): historical analysis
of the media (including evolution of the graphic novel from pre-comic
sequential illustration to modern forms of visual storytelling); visual
methods of graphic narration (structure and semiology: visual grammar,
rhetoric and tropes); comics and popular subculture (mini-comics, zines and
D.I.Y. ethos; emo culture; subversive culture); political ideologies;
treatment of sexualities (feminism; queer theory; masculinities and male
melancholia); the canonical works ; comics and the culture war (Comics Code
Authority, Cold War anxiety); superhero mythology; the mainstreaming of the
medium, and the rapport between graphic narrative and other media
9reciprocity, autophagia, and co-option in graphic narrative, literature,
film, and the visual arts.

Papers should be 6-8 pages in length, which will be delivered in 20-minute
presentations. Send 250-350 word abstract by March 18,2009. Early
submissions will receive early decisions.

This panel will be part of the Tenth Annual Graduate English Conference:
"Reading/Teaching/Theorizing/Writing held at Southern Connecticut State
University in New Haven, Connecticut on April 18, 2009.

If interested in this panel, contact Michael Sivak

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