CFP: [Graduate] Inroads and Innovations: American Women Writers of the Twentieth Century (3/01/09; 4/18/09)

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Dr. Edith A. Kostka
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From: Dr. Edith Kostka <>

Date: Wed, 4 Feb. 2009

This panel seeks papers that explore ways in which women have used words to
create vivid effects of time, place, character, or conflict. Of special
interest are powerful passages, paragraphs, stanzas, dialogues or
narratives written by women in the twentieth century. Such writers as Kate
Chopin, Sarah Orne Jewett, Zora Neale Hurston, Willa Cather, Eleanore
Roosevelt, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Ann Rice and Anne Tyler bring rich
and varied writing styles and points of view to the canon of American
literature. Papers that pay particular attention to women's cultures or
communities are of special interest. MLA format is requested. Deadline is
March 18, 2009, but early submissions are appreciated.

This panel will be part of the Tenth Annual Graduate Student Conference:
"Reading/Teaching/Theorizing/Writing" held at Southern Connecticut State
University in New Haven, April 18, 2009.

If interested in this panel, send 250 word abstract or questions to:

Dr.Edith Kostka

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