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Lacy Landrum
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Call for Papers
Technical Communication & Culture
Submission deadline: December 1, 2008

With the immense use of technology and methods for explaining technical
concepts, the election cycle offers fascinating intersections of
technical communication and popular culture. Yet, the election cycle is
only one of the many areas possible for analyzing these intersections.
Consider the recent financial crisis when so many of us have muddled
through economic jargon, trying to understand the complex policies

Proposals for papers and panels on the intersection of technical
communication and popular culture are welcome in areas such as the

--Collaboration, structure, and culture: how do geographical location,
telecommuting, and/or the actual workplace affect these? How do
communication methods or ways we document decisions impact these?

--Philosophies and research methods: do we use or document new methods
with advances in technology? Do we create new approaches to the collected
data by executing traditional methods with new tools? Do those new tools
enable new data to be collected

--Visual theory, information design, and usability, especially of online
environments, iPhones, and PDAs.

--Genres and rhetoric: websites, television, white papers, reports,
instructions, press releases, legal documents.

--Ideology, ethics, and accessibility: who owns what and how is that
explained? Are these documents and spaces accessible?

--Pedagogical implications: how do we “teach” these new methods and

--Culture and translation: how do we communicate and bridge cultural gaps
in technical information?

--Events: how do we document the technical aspects of elections,
financial crisis, wars, 9/11, natural disasters (post-disaster or

Share your ideas and join us for the 30th meeting of the Southwest/Texas
Popular and American Culture Associations Conference in Albuquerque, New
February 25-28, 2009
Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque
Visit for more details.

Please send a 200-word proposal by December 1, 2008 to the following:
Lacy Landrum
Oklahoma State University

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