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Matthew S. S. Johnson
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Journal, "Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds"
Deadline For Submissions: 1 May 2008

The Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds is a peer-refereed, international
journal which focuses on theoretical and applied, empirical, critical,
rhetorical, creative, economic and professional approaches to the study of
electronic games across platforms and genres as well as ludic and serious
online environments such as Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
and Second Life. The Journal aims at researchers and professionals working
in and researching creative new media and entertainment software around the
globe and seeks to document, harmonise, juxtapose and critically evaluate
cutting-edge market trends, technological developments, as well as
socio-cultural, political, economic and psychological concerns. It informs
its readers about recent events such as conferences, and features long
articles, short papers, poster abstracts, interviews, reports and reviews
of relevant new publications, websites, virtual environments and electronic

Contributions are invited from all fields of game studies research, design
and development. We seek to provide a platform for vivid information
interchange between academia and industry, between scholarship and
professionalism, between theory, criticism and practice. Typical subject
areas include

• Theory and criticism: e.g. narratology, ludology, philosophy, gender,
race, identity, history (of and in games), rhetorical approaches, discourse
analysis and semiotics, genre criticism and cultural studies
• Social and psychological concerns: e.g. (online) communities,
participation, interaction, identity formation, networks, violence and
addiction, emotion, children’s social behaviour, cognitive effects,
e-learning and education
• Design issues: e.g. developments in 3D modelling, authenticity and
realism, mimesis, screenwriting, sound effects, composition, static vs.
moving image, cut scenes, background vs. foreground, multimodality,
simulation and game engines
• Reception and production: e.g. ethnography, customer research,
therapeutic and hazardous effects, serialisation, adaptation, franchising,
commercial vs. serious games, transmediation, intermediality, artificial
intelligence, and new literacy studies.

Submission deadline for publication in October 2008: 1st May 2008.

Please send your manuscript as a Word-file e-mail attachment to a.ensslin
AT or e.muse AT

Word limits:
Long articles: 4,000-6,000 words
Short articles: 3,000-4,000 words
Conference reports: 500-1,000 words
Reviews (books, websites, games and other relevant software) and
interviews: 1,500-2,000 words

For questions on formatting and spelling, please consult the Intellect
Style Guide:
and/or contact the Editors at a.ensslin AT

For book reviews, please contact the Reviews Editor, Dr Matthew S.S.
Johnson at matjohn AT

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