UPDATE: The Multi-modal, Multimedia, Multicultural Classroom (7/10/07; journal issue)

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J. Roy
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New York State English Council's Scholarly Journal The English Record

                Whether it is the invented spellings rapidly typed with =
thumbs into a phone or the deftly interpreted visual cues of a complex =
video game, many of the students we are now teaching, and most of those =
in our future, have a need for skills in areas commonly ignored by =
traditional classrooms. How do we meet the needs of students who are =
more skilled on a computer than we are? In what ways are canonical =
texts merging into media and attracting student attention? How does =
employing multi-modal techniques help teachers reach students? What can =
be the benefit of pairing multicultural subjects with these techniques? =
How can graphic novels, online texts, books on CD, blogs, email, wikis, =
teleconferencing, digital technologies, etc. be beneficial to teachers? =
 Please share experiences, techniques, effective lesson plans, and =
research on related subjects.

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