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Richard Colby
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Computers and Composition Online Special Issue
“Reading Games: Composition, Literacy, and Video Gaming”

Computers and Composition Online will publish a special issue on the
intersections between composition, literacy, and computer/video gaming as
a companion to the Fall 2008 special print issue of Computers and
Composition. These issues will explore the social, historical, cultural,
and pedagogical implications of computer/video games on literacies and
the writing classroom.

We invite authors to submit proposals for webtexts that examine these
intersections, taking into account not only the the rich field of
scholarship that is developing in the areas of computer/video game
studies, but scholarship in literacy and composition studies as well.
Computers and Composition Online is committed to offering inventive
webtexts that offer practical and theoretically grounded scholarship for
teachers, scholars, and administrators, and we will be looking to
continue that commitment in this special issue.

Submissions should fit these sections of Computers and Composition Online:
* Theory into Practice -- Theory, thoughts, and speculation, including
rhetorical and critical approaches to the multiliteracies of
computer/video games.
* The Virtual Classroom -- Pedagogy and classroom experience, including
course designs and assignments for integrating games into the writing
* From Print to Screen -- Online features that connect with the print
journal. We invite authors appearing in the special issue of Computers
and Composition to add supplementary webtexts.
* Professional Development -- Interviews and profiles.
* Reviews -- Not only books, but sites, events, and other blended media.
We have compiled a list of appropriate works for this special issue;
email if interested in writing a review.

Send a 500 word proposal by December 14, 2007. If accepted, your final
submission should be sent via email in a .zip file, provided as a URL, or
sent on CD/DVD to the address provided. Final articles need to be web-
readyâ€"PDF files, DOC files, or other purely text-based articles are not
suitable. Check current and past articles at In preparing your submission, also note
that CCO is a refereed journal and allows time for reviews of
submissions. Authors wishing to do so may use a mutually agreed upon form
of the Creative Commons License for their article; CCO supports fair use
and the open source movement in academia. If you have any questions about
format or content, please feel free to contact us by email. Queries are

Deadline for proposals: December 14, 2007
Deadline for submitted webtexts: March 28, 2008

Please send queries or proposals (preferably by email) to:
Richard Colby and Rebekah Shultz Colby, Guest Editors, CCO
University of Denver
Writing Program, MSC 5203
2150 E. Evans Ave.
Denver, CO 80208-5203

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