CFP: Intermediality: The Interplay of Digital Media in Cultural Practice (9/15/07; journal issue)

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José Ramón Prado Pérez
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Call for papers, Journal Culture, Language and Representation
Volume 5 to appear in May 2008 will be devoted to:

Intermediality in Contemporary Culture

Intermediality is associated with the blurring of traditionally ascribed generic
and formal boundaries through the incorporation of digital media into all forms
of cultural practice, and the presence of one or more media in the space and
form of another medium. This has led to the creation of intermedial spaces
in-between media and a proliferation of texts, inter-texts, hyper-texts,
hyper-fictions, and acts of remediation, transmediality, multimediality,
hypermediality and a bewildering blur of associated realities. We live in an
increasingly intermedial world where the human-computer interface places us in
the position of being in-between media and the different realities they create.
Intermediality is the modern way to experience life; where reality is glimpsed
through computer screens and reached through fingers tapping mobile phone touch
pads. In this screen-saving world we are not sure what is 'live' and what is
'mediatized' and if we can differenciate between them anymore. Through digital
technology, intermediality has become part of the global phenomenon that has
the ability to link cultural communities in cyberspace. However, intermediality
may also operate at the level of the individual artist as a medium using their
body, voice and mind to inter-act with other media, and crucially, in the
perception of the receiver/critic who interprets the intermedial scene.
Suggestions for investigation are given below but are not considered to be
1. Theoretical reflections on ntermediality and intermedial processes.
2. Critical analysis of specific examples of intermediality in literature,
cinema, television, the digital media or the performing arts of theatre, dance
and music.
3.Intermedial representations of gender and identity in contemporary culture.
4. In-between the live and mediatized: how concepts of private and public space
may be changing in an intermedial world.
5. Ethical and legal issues of intermedial representation in cyberspace.
6. Intermediality in theatre and performance.
7. Education and intermediality - new spaces for intermedial learning.
8. Historical perspectives on intermediality in the arts,literature, film, or
any other field involving creative processes.
9. In-between thereal and the imagined realities of intermedial discourse.
10. Intermedial communitie and cultures.
11. Performativity and intermediality.
12. Intermediality / inter-disciplinarity / interculturalism.

Deadline for Submissions: 15 September 2007
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