CFP: League of Worlds 4 (Sweden) (5/15/07; 10/9/07-10/13/07)

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Maria Bäcke
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On behalf of both LoW and the LCDM program initiatives, we invite
conference attendees to submit proposals based on issues of Identity
Construction and/in Virtual Cultures.

League of Worlds 4 will bring together people engaged in the creation
of virtual worlds and real-time simulations for educational, artistic
and creative purposes, and is sponsored in cooperation with Blekinge
Institute of Technology and its Literature, Culture, and Digital
Media (LCDM) Program.

We offer conference attendees the opportunity to explore a number of
issues related to simulation, role-playing, virtuality vs. reality,
in relation to identity construction in new media technologies and
contexts. In particular we invite research into framework projects
and case studies and strongly encourage exploration with pedagogical
applications. Both creative and technical studies are welcome.

Call for papers deadline: May 15, 2007. More information can be found

Potential topics include:

Role-playing and simulation exercises online and in the classroom
Creating characters/worlds online: technical and creative practice
Constructing worlds to support and stimulate identity construction
Identifying roles for researchers, teachers, and developers in light
of new media development and interdisciplinary practice
Keeping it real: enabling "physicality" in virtual and simulated
The fourth League of Worlds conference will take place at Blekinge
Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden, between October 9 and
October 13, 2007. The keynote speaker is John Lester, (Pathfinder
Linden,) community manager at Linden Labs, focusing "primarily on
working with educators interested in using Second Life for teaching
and academic research".

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