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Brad Seawell
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MIT Comparative Media Studies and the MIT Communications Forum are now
evaluating proposals for the sixth Media in transition conference to be
held at MIT April 24-26, 2009. Abstracts, full papers and panel proposals
will be evaluated on a rolling basis until Jan. 9, 2009:

In “The Bias of Communication” Harold Innis distinguishes between time-
based media such as stone or clay and space-based media such as paper or
papyrus. The former, Innis agues, can be seen as durable, while space-
based media can be understood as portable, more fragile than stone but
more powerful because capable of transmission, diffusion, connections
across space. Although this division between the durable and the
portable is perhaps problematic today, similar tensions define our
contemporary situation. Digital communications have increased
exponentially the speed with which information circulates. We are poised
to reach transmission speeds of 100 terabits per second, or something
akin to transmitting the entire printed contents of the Library of
Congress in under five seconds. Such developments profoundly challenge
efforts to maintain access to the vast printed and audio-visual
inheritance of analog culture as well as efforts to understand and
preserve the immense, enlarging universe of text, image and sound
available in cyberspace. What are the implications of these trends for
scholars, librarians, journalists and media makers who seek to understand
the place of media in our own culture? How are shifts in distribution
and circulation affecting the stories we tell, the art we produce, the
social structures and policies we construct?

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