CFP: The Writer, the Collection and the Museum (UK) (3/30/06; ESSE 8, 8/29/06-9/2/06)

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Laura Scuriatti
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ESSE 8 London 29 August - 2 September 2006=20


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"The Writer, the Collection and the Museum"


The seminar wishes to explore the interactions between various forms of =
collection and textual strategies: starting from the Renaissance and =
seventeenth century Wunderkammer, through the eighteenth-century =
creation of museums, thanks to figures such as Tradescant's, Ashmole's =
and Sloane's; the nineteenth century accommodates both the =
eccentricities of individual collections, such as John Soane's, and the =
contrary mania of exhibitions, national, international and universal. =
The life of the museum is also deeply entangled in the politics of =
Empire and the birth of institutional anthropology. The seminar will =
also address the issue of museums in the twentieth century, as a theme =
that entails essential questions such as memory, taxonomy, amnesia, and =
identity. We are particularly interested in the various modes in which =
the culture of collecting - art or artefacts - and the invention of =
exhibitions and museums have been and still are enmeshed in the process =
of writing and inscribed in the text as either theme, metaphor, formal =
model, location, or mirror of its author.=20


Topics addressed will therefore include:=20


Lieux de m=E9moire/sites of memory/oblivion - Visual and verbal =
archives: epistemology, taxonomy, archaeology - The writer in the museum =
- The museum in the text - Exhibiting and narrating - The politics and =
rhetoric of sequence, inclusion and omission - Gender in the museum: =
women as collectors, collectibles and viewers - Writing/exhibiting other =
cultures: 'colonial' and anthropological museums - The museum in the =
process of authentication, identity and validation - Textual collections =
and authorial construction.=20


Contributions should not exceed 15 minutes. Deadline for abstract is: 30 =
March 2006. Please send your abstracts directly to all the convenors at =
the following addresses:

Prof. Barrie Bullen, University of Reading ( =
#> )

Prof. Caroline Patey, University of Milan ( =
#> )=20

Dr. Laura Scuriatti, European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin =
( =
#> )=20

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