CFP: Chess in the Schools and Communities: International Conference (Scotland) (3/31/07; 8/30/07-9/1/07)

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Chess in the Schools and Communities: International Conference (CISCCON)

This is a first call for research, policy and practice papers that address
the aims of this conference in the context of the current major themes. We
welcome suggestions for other themes, particularly the exploration of the
cognitive, philosophical and social impact of chess play.



What are the effects of chess in the school and community programmes on
teaching (informal and formal), emotion and social inclusion of children
and young people?

How do chess development programmes assist new methods of formal teaching
and informal education?

What is the relationship between chess play, chess coaching and mentoring?

How can the lessons from chess in the schools and communities help to
generate social and cultural capital?

This is the first Aberdeen Chess in the Schools and Communities
International Conference. A growing number of studies have emerged over
the past 25 years that identify chess coaching and general chess play in a
school setting, as a significant influence on educational processes. In
general terms it has been linked with regard to the development of
thinking skills. More specifically, the development of memory, verbal
reasoning, comprehension and numeracy have been noted as influenced by
involvement with chess play. More recent research studies also point to
the development of significant social and behavioural change, especially
for children living in poorer neighbourhoods who are often subject to a
process of social exclusion, low expectations and low attainment.

The University of Aberdeen's School of Education, Aberdeen City Council
and Scottish Junior Chess in alliance with a number of national Chess
Federations are hosting this international conference which will explore
some of these themes and share ideas emerging from recent research,
practice and policy. The main aims of the conference will be to explore
the particular contribution of chess play within the school and home
environment to the development of thinking skills, emotional intelligence
and the creative imagination of children and young people.

A further aim of the conference is to explore the contribution made by
teachers, chess coaches, children and parents to the development of the
'will to learn' and the pursuit of knowledge through the sheer pleasure of
play. Arguably, within the game of chess we enter a world of infinite
complexity and beauty where there is experienced the full range of human
emotions and where the intellect is stretched by the power of thought to
the very limits of capacity. The playing of the game is a gift of life
long learning.

Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and may be submitted by email
to Dod Forrest ( or at the address given below.
Abstracts should identify the focus of the paper, the questions it will
answer and the evidence or data on which it will draw. Abstracts will be
chosen for the conference and notified as outlined in the timetable below.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 22nd December 2006
Full paper presentations to be submitted by Friday 30th March 2007
Applicants to accept place by 27th April 2007
Participants to book place by 31st July 2007

Dod Forrest (Co-ordinator)
Chess in the Schools and Communities: International Conference Planning Group
University of Aberdeen's Rowan Group
School of Education
MacRobert Building
Kings College
AB24 3FX

Members of CISCCON planning group: September 06:

Dr Kate Philip (Senior Research Fellow, the Rowan Group)
Jenny Spratt (Research Fellow, the Rowan Group)
Dr Iain Davidson (Senior Research Fellow, the Rowan Group)
David Leslie (Chess Development Worker, Aberdeen City Council)
Peter Woods (Executive member, Scottish Junior Chess)
Lorna Glen (Head Teacher, Aberdeen City Council)
Ernie Skea (Team Leader, Aberdeen City Council)
Dod Forrest (Honorary Research Fellow, the Rowan Group and Principal
Community Learning Worker, Aberdeen City Council)

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