CFP: Metamorphosis and Place (Turkey) (12/15/06; 5/24/07-5/26/07)

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joshua parker
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Fatih University
2nd Annual Transdisciplinary Literary and Cultural Studies Conference
Metamorphosis and Place:

May 24-26, 2007

"Places change us," writes J. Gerald Kennedy. "In different locations we
become other people." While personal, regional, and national identities may
be constructed in terms of place, place, Michel de Certeau has theorized, is
space endowed with value. What happens to a place as personal or societal
values change? How do our values change as places change? "Every textual
construction of place implies a mapping of an interior terrain," writes
Kennedy. We believe this is true in any discipline, whether one is painting
a picture, mapping a gene, diagramming a sentence, constructing a house, or
building a place out of words.

Fatih University's English Language and Literature and American Studies
departments invite narrative, visual, and theoretical perspectives on places
in metamorphosis, and on what representations of place suggest about the way
we conceptualize places, form attachments to them, and project our own
metamophoses of identity onto them. The transdisciplinary scope of this
second conference seeks to do more than set one discipline along side
another, exploring a wide spectrum of themes and topics within a broad and
interrelated approach. We invite academics in the fields of Literary and
Cultural Studies and theorists of Transdisciplinarity, as well as presenters
from areas formally outside these fields: artists, storytellers, filmmakers,
cognitive research specialists, urban planners, actors, scientists, and
musicians, to join us for a three-day integration of perspectives shedding
light on how place is both a transforming subject and transformed object.

We thus invite panels, papers, and presentations from various fields on any
of the following themes:

How the stories we tell and hear, and the images we make and see, change our
perceptions of place; How geographic dislocation changes stories and images

Linguistic change and the linguistic alteration of place

Gendered places and the gendering of metamorphosis

Online metamorphoses, metamorphoses of the internet, and internet as place

Narrative metamorphoses of place; Place's metamorophosis of narrative

Exile and identity in metamorphosis

Text/Image Studies in relation to place and metamorphosis

Metamorphoses of the Other and place as Other

Place in the novel and metamorphoses of the novel

Literary topographies and metamorphoses in Kafka, Woolf, Ovid, Elif Shafak

Metamorphoses of democracy, the effects of place on democracy, democracy's
effects on place
The European Union, ideas of place and planned metamorphoses

Metamorphosis and place in American cultures and religions; The separation
of religion, culture, and place

Cognitive mappings of place, metamorphoses of the concept of place

Post Colonialism and place, metamorphoses of Post Colonial studies

Visual, theatrical, performative, musical, and cinematic metamorphoses and
the effect of place on the visual, theatrical, performative, musical and

Metamorphosis of war and war's metamorphosis of place; Peace Studies

The metamorphosis of beauty and aesthetics, beautiful places

Love's metamorphosis of place and place's metamorphosis of love

Transformations of pedagogy in relation to place

400 word abstracts or project proposals and a brief bio should be submitted
to the conference organizers by email or post by December 15.

John Basourakos,
Joshua Parker,
Lucie Tunkrova ,
Assistant Professors
Department of English Language and Literature
Fatih University
34500 Buyukcekmece, Istanbul

"Before there was earth or sea or the sky that covers everything, Nature
appeared the same throughout the whole world: what we call chaos ...
confused in the one place ... Nothing retained its shape, one thing
obstructed another, because in the one body, cold fought with heat, moist
with dry, soft with hard, and weight with weightless things." Ovid
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