UPDATE: Japanese and Korean Environmental Literature (Japan) (12/25/06; ASLE, 8/19/07-8/21/07)

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Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE)
Japan-Korea Joint Symposium
August 19-21, Kanazawa, Japan

Thinking about ¡ÈNow¡É in Japanese and Korean Environmental Literature

Confirmed Keynote Speakers: Ko Un and Kazue Morisaki

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment in Japan
(ASLE-Japan) and ASLE-Korea invite proposals for an international
symposium, Place, Nature, Language: Thinking about ¡ÈNow¡É in Japanese
and Korean Environmental Literature, to be held from August 19-21,
2007, in Kanazawa, Japan.

We welcome proposals dealing with English-language representations of
Korean and Japanese environmental issues and literature. Proposals
dealing with the writings of Gary Snyder, especially in regard to his
activities in Asia, are also particularly welcome. Translation
services will be provided to make papers and presentations available in
English, Japanese, and Korean.

The cultural shores of Japan and Korea have been washed by the waves of
westernization and modernization since the latter half of the
nineteenth century. Our daily lives, the places that have supported us,
and the relationship between humans and the natural environment have
undergone fundamental changes. Modernization has brought about economic
security and the establishment of social capital. It has also
introduced a global perspective that has raised our environmental
awareness. At the same time, however, our communal societies based on
traditional values, the bonds between humans and nature that this
ensures, and the wisdom handed down from pre-modern life now face
imminent extinction. With these considerations in view, this symposium
will pursue the possibilities that environmental literature and thought
can offer for our common future.

Since their founding, the ASLE organizations in both of our countries
have aimed at widening horizons by drawing on the studies of
environmental literature and thought of other countries. The purpose of
this symposium is to share the work that has been generated in
environmental literature and ecocriticism by both countries and to
deepen our mutual understanding. Because the environment is a global
issue and at the same time a local one, sending out to the rest of the
world a body of work which has East Asia as its cultural basis carries
great significance. This symposium marks the first step in such an
endeavor. It is hoped that our attempt will stimulate further activity
in other parts of Asia. Proposals for papers are welcome from any part
of the globe.

We welcome proposals that discuss the following themes:
-- Modernism and environmental discourses in Korea and Japan
-- Expressions of nature, humans, and place in Korean and Japanese
-- Ecocriticism in Korea and Japan today
-- The future of literature and the environment: proposals from East
-- Gary Snyder in Asia

In addition, a comparative approach on works of literature and
ideologies of Asia in comparison with those of the United States, the
United Kingdom, and other cultural areas will also be welcome.

Please send your one-page proposal and a short CV by December 25, 2006

Department of Law
Kanazawa University
Kakuma Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-1192¡¡JAPAN
Email: shogo_at_kenroku.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

If you have any questions, contact:
Masami Raker YUKI (Conference organizer, ASLE-Japan) E-mail:
or, Simon Estok (ASLE-Korea liaison officer) E-mail:

Proposals will be reviewed according to their relevance to the topics
of the symposium and the review results will be notified to the
applicants by the end of February 2007. The workshop format is designed
to stimulate discussion at the symposium. For this purpose,
participants will be asked to send the final version of their papers
(guidelines will be sent later with the notice of acceptance) by May
31, 2007. Please adhere strictly to this deadline since we will prepare
a collection of papers in advance, to be circulated before the
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