CFP: Wyndham Lewis: Modernity and Critique (grad) (UK) (11/1/07; 1/08)

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Nathan Waddell
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POSTGRADUATE CONFERENCE - Birmingham, United Kingdom, January 2008
Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers from postgraduates that consider=
 Lewis in two ways: as a major critical presence who evaluated, theorized, =
foresaw numerous key problems of modernity; and as a writer in relation to =
others throughout literary history.
While Lewis=92s contributions to Anglo-American literary modernism have bee=
n generally accepted and scrutinized, significant aspects of his writing an=
d thought=20
have not as yet received the critical attention they deserve. Furthermore, =
Lewis=92s placement within the larger constellations of English, American a=
European letters remains under-explored, and his role as a philosopher-crit=
ic who produced distinctive appraisals of modernity is insufficiently accou=
Consequently, this conference proposes to view Lewis not as an isolated fig=
ure but to recognize the numerous ways in which he influenced, and was hims=
influenced by, a variety of writers, literary and intellectual traditions, =
and textual practices. Our conference welcomes papers that examine Lewis=92=
s work=20
alongside one or more related writers and/or texts.
(Possible topics might include but are not restricted to: early works (e.g.=
 poems, short stories, Mrs Dukes=92 Million); late works (e.g. The Vulgar S=
Rude Assignment, The Writer and the Absolute, Rotting Hill, Self Condemned,=
 The Red Priest); literary and cultural theory; psychoanalysis; the novel;=
decadence, gothic and/or the fin de si=E8cle; Victorian, Edwardian and/or G=
eorgian writing; futurology and science fiction; magazine culture; drama; t=
manifesto; European writing and/or beyond; anarchism; history and historiog=
raphy; cultural networks and communities; the avant-garde; modernism;=20
postmodernism; disciplinary studies; institutional contexts; posthumous rec=
eption (Lewis as read and/or constructed by critics); feminism; aesthetics;=
contemporary fiction; religion and theology; ethics; satire; philosophy; ad=
aptations of Lewis=92s writing; politics; anthropology; travel writing.)
Please submit a 250-300 word abstract, a brief professional biography, and =
relevant contact information by October 1st 2007.
Open to all postgraduates and interested academics.
For further information or to offer a paper please contact Nathan Waddell (=
Conference Organizer) at

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