CFP: Irish Modernism (Ireland) (4/25/07; IASIL; 7/16/07-7/20/07)

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Christopher Coffman
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CFP: Irish Modernism (Ireland) (4/25/07; IASIL; 7/16/07-7/20/07)


The 2007 Conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literature will be held at University College Dublin, Monday 16 July to Friday 20 July.


Seminar Title: Irish Literary Modernism?


Deadline for Submission of Paper Proposals: April 25, 2007


Description: It may seem absurd to question the validity of established critical notions of "Irish literary Modernism," for the symbolic, mythic, and formal experimentations of authors such as James Joyce and W. B. Yeats typify Modernism in the eyes of many. On the other hand, the early works of these authors are dominated by the literary sensibilities of the nineteenth century, as evident in Yeats's lingering Victorianism and the Naturalism of Joyce's Dubliners. Furthermore, the political position of Ireland during the formative years of Modernism made its authors acutely aware of the constructedness of the political subject and the role language plays in that construction, both of which are insights associated with poststructuralist thought. If, as such observations suggest, Irish literature moved rapidly from the Naturalist and late Romantic modes to one informed by the extraordinary self-awareness and linguistic consciousness of postmodernity, where can one locate Iri!
 sh Modernism? This panel seeks 20-minute / 2,800-word papers that endeavor, through an aggressive policy toward conventional critical assumptions, to interrogate the traditional canon, limits, definitions, and characteristics of Irish Modernism. Papers that, in so doing, also address the conference theme of "Varieties of Irishness" (read more on this theme at will be granted some preference. Although an openness to unanticipated aspects of the panel topic will be maintained, potential presenters are encouraged to offer papers that consider, among others, the following questions:


-How can traditional critical assumptions about Irish Modernism be problematized?

-Which authors and/or works are (in)appropriately considered representative of Irish Modernism?

-How do the canonical figures and/or works of Irish Modernism resist categorization as such?

-Which neglected figures may be appropriately introduced to discussions of Irish Modernism?

-How does an unsettling of assumptions about Irish Modernism profitably expand our sense of the varieties of Irishness and the diversity of Irish literary efforts?

-Do certain figures from the Irish diaspora support a broader understanding of Irish Modernism?

-How have critical suppositions distorted our picture of identities supported by Irish Modernism?


Paper proposals should include the following information:

-A 500-word description of your paper

-The full title of your paper

-Your name, postal address and e-mail address

-Your institutional affiliation and position (eg professor, postgraduate student, etc.)

-Any AV requirements you might have


If you are submitting your proposal by e-mail, please send it in plain text in the body of your e-mail and as an attachment in a Word document. Keep in mind that authors of accepted papers must become members of IASIL, and all speakers must pay the conference registration fee.


Submit proposals by e-mail to, or by post to


Dr. Christopher K. Coffman

Department of English

The University of Tennessee at Martin

544 University Street

Martin, TN 38238



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