UPDATE: Friends and Foes (Ireland) (7/20/07; 11/16/07-11/17/07)

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Friends and Foes - Friendship and Conflict:

*UPDATE* - To emphasise that this is primarily, but not exclusively, a
conference for postgraduate researchers.

Multi-disciplinary Postgraduate Conference
Queen's University Belfast
16th-17th November 2007

History and life are filled with stories of friendship and conflict, either
in the realm of personal interaction or political engagements. This
postgraduate research conference seeks to explore themes of friendship and
conflict in the modern era.

Despite its centrality to our lives, friendship has often been overlooked
as a field of study and academic enquiry. However, as debates about the
nature of the good life and human well-being return to the fore as an
attempt to find common ground – and common good – in an age of uncertainty,
interest in the nature, importance and challenges of friendship is also
beginning to flourish. Also, conflict is central to our lives, from
intra-personal emotional conflicts to group conflicts, to intra-state
antagonism or global warfare. Are conflicts an integral part of friendship
or do they exclude each other? Does a friendship need conflict to be real?
Is it possible to transform conflict into friendship?

We are interested in 20-minute papers which explore the concepts of
friendship and conflict (and their interrelation) from a multi-disciplinary
point of view, calling for contributions from philosophers,
anthropologists, political theorists, sociologists, theologians, literary
and cultural theorists.

Some topics to be addressed are:

• philosophical, sociological, psychological or political theories of
friendship and conflict • different types of friendship and conflict as
encountered in contemporary life • the nature of friendship and conflict as
it relates to issues of identity, class, culture, age or gender • the
difficulties of making, keeping or losing friends • the impact of
environments and technologies on the nature of friendship and conflict •
utopias • different representations of friendship and conflict in the
media, film or the arts.

Papers will be considered on any related theme. 300 word abstracts in
Microsoft Word should be submitted by 20th July 2007 to the following
e-mail address: friendsandfoesqub_at_hotmail.co.uk Please write "Friends and
Foes" in the e-mail "Subject" field. We are planning to publish a volume
including all papers accepted for and presented at this conference at the
end of 2007.

Please note there is a provisional registration fee of £5.

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