CFP: Evidence of Reading, Reading the Evidence (UK) (1/31/08; 7/21/08-7/23/08)

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A major international conference to be held at the Institute of English=20
Studies, University of London
21-23 July 2008
Organised by the Open University and the Institute of English Studies
Keynote speakers: Kate Flint, Jonathan Rose, David Vincent
Studies centred on the history of reading have proliferated in the last=20
twenty years. They have sprung from several different disciplines, encompas=
different periods and geographical locations and chosen divergent=20
methodologies, but their common quest has been to recover and understand th=
e traces of a=20
practice which is central to our understanding of human history, yet=20
notoriously elusive.=20
One such approach is =E2=80=98The Reading Experience Database 1450-1945=E2=
=80=99 (RED), a=20
project run by the Open University and the University of London. While RED=20=
already proving its worth as a digital resource, its methodological=20
parameters are necessarily limited and its vision therefore partial. What i=
s needed in=20
order for the study of the history of reading to progress beyond the=20
boundaries of specific institutions, disciplines, methodologies, geographic=
locations and time periods is a forum in which as many diverse approaches a=
possible are brought into energetic debate.=20
This major 3-day conference, the first of its type, seeks to provide such a=
forum. We invite 20-minute papers from international students and scholars=20=
any discipline - both within and outside the Humanities =E2=80=93 who are i=
in the history and practice of reading in any period or geographical=20
location. Topics may include, but are by no means limited to:=20
=E2=97=8F Theories of reading =20
=E2=97=8F Issues of literacy
=E2=97=8F National and transnational histories=20
=E2=97=8F Reading and readers in fiction
=E2=97=8F Reading communities =20
=E2=97=8F Quantitative versus qualitative methodologies
=E2=97=8F Genre reading =20
=E2=97=8F Digital resources and their development
=E2=97=8F Visual representations of reading =20
=E2=97=8F Reading across disciplines/languages=20
=E2=97=8F Using historical data in contemporary research fields=20
=E2=97=8F The sociology, psychology and neurology of reading experiences
=E2=97=8F Evidence of reading from private audio recordings and blogs
=E2=97=8F Finding, compiling, interpreting and preserving the evidence of r=
Paper titles, abstracts of no more than 300 words and short biographies=20
should be sent electronically by 31 January 2008 to all three organisers:=20
Dr Shaf Towheed ( ( );=
Dr Rosalind Crone ( ( );=20
Dr Katie Halsey ( ( ).

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