CFP: [International] Michael Moorcock (UK) 12/31/2007 ; 7/5/2008 â 7/6/2008

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Martyn Colebrook

July 5th â€" 6th 2008

Venue: Liverpool John Moores University

‘The New World Entropyâ€"a conference on Michael Moorcock’

This conference hopes to explore the rich and varied writings of Michael
Moorcock’s fictions whilst providing a rounded picture of the writerly
environments Moorcock has developed in by contextualising his work
alongside his many other social involvements and his interactions with
other writers. As such this conference is focused upon developing a
critical appreciation of Moorcock’s best known and most loved writings in
combination with an appreciation of his historical development as a
writer. To this end we welcome papers which tread across the boundaries
of genre which Moorcock himself trod and also welcome papers which relate
Moorcock to the circles of friends and associates whose writings and work
connect to his own. We hope that this will provide a lively and
multiplicitous series of discursive responses to Moorcock’s remarkable
body of works.

Abstracts of 200â€"300 words should be submitted electronically by 31st
December 2007 to

mark.williams and Martyn.Colebrook_at_

All correspondence should have the phrase MOORCOCK CONFERENCE in the
subject line.
Topics for discussion include but are not limited to:

 The Multiverse
 Pluralism
 Metropolitan life
 Moorcock’s relationship with Modernism
 Music and fiction
 Jerry Cornelius
 Order and Entropy
 Moorcock’s support of lesser known writers
 The Holy Grail
 Elric of Melniboné
 Anti-Racism
 Moorcock as Victorian Novelist
 New Worlds
 Feminism
 Moorcock the editor
 Anarchism
 Myth-making
 “Fiction” and “Autobiography”
 Psychogeography/ The London of the Mind
 Moorcock’s trans-Atlantic
 Political Activism
 The avant-garde
 Early Moorcock versus Late Moorcock
 Friends on the Fringes
 The ‘Between the Wars’ Quartet
 Counter culture/ Counter literatures
 Liberty and Freedom of Speech
 Moorcock as Mentor
 Moorcock as Student
 The Reforgotten Writers
 Character and Caricature in Moorcock

Non-presenting delegates will be welcome.

Conference Fees: £20â€"Student/Unwaged £30â€"Delegate

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