CFP: [International] Conference Call: Literary Transactions in a Globalized Context (10/31/2007)

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Our Next Conference:
Date: November 28-30, 2008
Venue: Shantiniketan, West Bengal

MELUS-India (The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of
the United States â€" India Chapter) and MELOW (The Society for the Study
of the Literatures of the World) will hold a combined conference at
Visvabharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal. The dates are 28-30
November 2008.

THEME FOR THE 2008 Conference:
Literary Transactions in a Globalized Context: Multi-Ethnicity, Gender,
and the Marketplace

Living in an era of profound change, when life seems to undergo a radical
upheaval every now and then, no longer are we satisfied with the grand
sweep of grand theories. Unsettling changes in the global sphere demand
that we re-vision out perspectives and question traditional ideologies.
Major issues in multi-ethnic studies, especially in multi-ethnic
literatures, such as ‘homeland’â€" real or imaginary, cultural memory, the
sense of belonging (or the lack of it) or the sense of community,
interpersonal relationships, and a host of other issues, are forever
undergoing transformation. The 2008 MELUS-MELOW International Conference
will focus on these and other related aspects of multi-ethnic literatures
of the US and the world.

The Conference themes would focus on â€" but not be restricted to â€" ideas
that have gained currency during the present times: gender issues,
financial issues â€" particularly those governing literature, and issues of
political correctness that influence literary events. Works of
literature, art and culture would be examined from various perspectives
related to sexuality, economics, and day-to-day propriety, together with
other issues of diversity, religion and biases in the production of

Abstracts not exceeding 250 words are invited on the following themes:
1. Theories of literature and their relevance today. Is “doing
theory” a fad that has outlived its novelty and appeal? How do we
negotiate the grey areas of theoretical parameters?
2. Issues of Pedagogy. How does globalization affect what we teach
and how we teach? In what way does it impact canon-formation and other
issues in academia?
3. The currency of ideas â€" not just monetary politics but also what
is in vogue in the present times, our modes of exchange and transactions,
and the “currentness” or “updatedness” of ideas..
4. “Political correctness” and the appreciation of literature. This
would debate the politics involved in the award of prestigious Literary
Prizes. The reasons why a masterpiece gets neglected by prize-giving
authorities would also be considered.
5. Gender matters â€" issues of sexuality and the changing codes of
acceptance. The woman question, deviant or dissident sexuality are some
areas that would be considered as also women and economics â€" the
contribution of women to the literature industry / market.
6. Literature as a Commercial Enterprise. The "Marketplace" of
literature â€" editors, publishers, reviewers, critics, academic curricula.
Publicity and the literary artist. The Writer as a performer or a

Abstracts for MELUS-India would deal with the above issues in the
discipline of American literature, taking into consideration American
Studies viv-a-vis culture, politics, nation-building, history and empire.

MELOW abstracts would deal with the same topics in World Literature. The
MELOW focus for the 2008 conference will be literatures of the Southern
Continents â€" i.e., South America, Africa and Australia.

Important Dates:
Deadline for Abstracts: October 31, 2007
Acceptances will be mailed by end-January 2008
Deadline for Papers: July 1, 2008

Instructions for sending abstracts:
i. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and should clearly indicate
whether they are to be considered for MELUS-India (American Literature)
or MELOW (World Literatures).
ii. The following information should be sent along with the abstract:

Title of Abstract
Name of Delegate
Official designation, Address and email id
Home address and Phone number
Whether the abstract is for MELUS or MELOW
MELUS/MELOW conferences attended earlier
(in which year and where)
Are you currently a member of MELUS or MELOW?
Or do you need a fresh / renewed membership? Please specify.

iii. Send the abstract with the necessary information by email (as part
of the TEXT message, and NOT as attachment) to with a
copy to
iv. Deadline for receipt of abstracts is October 31, 2007. Please do not
ask for extensions.
All abstracts will be peer-reviewed before they are accepted. Acceptance
letters will be mailed by end-January 2008.
Complete papers (of abstracts that have been accepted) should come in by
1st July 2008.

For any further clarification contact:,, or

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