CFP: [International] Bucharest Conference 30.11-1.12.2007 "The Idea of Presence"

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Oana Fotache
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We invite you to the IVth International Conference of the Literary Theory
Department at the University of Bucharest on "The Idea of Presence. Myths
and religions of presence. Metaphysics of presence. The presence in
literature, in the arts and in the field of the human sciences".

Guests of honour will be the poet Michel Deguy, Collège International de
Philosophie, Paris and J. Hillis Miller, Distinguished Research Professor
of English and Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine.

Topics of debate include:

The transcendent that goes down and the God that is hidden
Eucharist and presence: revisiting the dogmas of the trans(con)
Epiphany and presence
Ritual and presence
Signs and symbols of presence

The concept of presence in phenomenology
The concept of presence in existentialism
The concept of presence in deconstruction
The concept of presence in the language sciences
The concept of presence in literary theory and aesthetics

Being and presence
Representation and presence
Present and presence
Presence and presentification
Presence and repetition
Presence and co-presence

What survives out of the Orphic myth?
The poet â€" creator of worlds?
Presence in literature: „evocative sorcery” and instaurating fiction
Motivation of the sign/ language and presence
Similarity and presence
The effect of presence in literature and the arts
Iconicity and presence
Presence in the visual arts: embodiment or disembodiment?
Presence between la pesanteur et la grace
Between presence and absence: memory, desire, nostalgia, mourning
Presence and charisma
Presence and simulacrum
Presence in the virtual space

As you can see, the conference theme is understood in a broader sense,
especially in order to encourage the participation of researchers outside
the literary field as well: theorists of the arts, philosophers,
theologians, anthropologists, psychoanalysts, linguists, sociologists,
political scientists.

The conference will be held at the University of Bucharest, on Friday, 30
November and Saturday, 1 December 2007. The official languages are
English, French, and Romanian. Papers should be max. 7 pages long (2000
characters/ page), a total of max. 15,000 characters (versions intended
for publication can exceed this limit). Participation is conditioned by
the sending of a title, together with an abstract of 1,000 characters in
English by 5 September, and the payment of a 50 euro tax on registration
in the first day of the conference. Please attach a short CV (max. half
page) with the following information: institutional affiliation, titles of
main publications (books and articles), and research interests.

To our guests from abroad we recommend the following 3-star hotels in
Bucharest: Hotel Central, Hotel Comfort Traian, Hotel Ibis, Hotel Best
Western Parc (see, , ). Details
regarding means of transportation will be available in a later message.

In order to be included in the Conference Programme, the full text of your
paper should be sent to the organizers by 15 November at the latest.

The Conference Proceedings will be published in the academic journal
Euresis. Cahiers roumains d’études littéraires et culturelles.
Organization committee:
Professor Mircea Martin
Associate Professor Carmen MuÅŸat
Assistant Professor Oana Fotache
Teaching assistant Delia Ungureanu

Contact persons: for abstracts and papers: Oana Fotache
(; for accommodation and practical information:
Delia Ungureanu (

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