CFP: [International] Modernist Magazines and Politics, 1900-1939

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Helene AJI

Modernist Magazines and Politics, 1900-1939.
Université du Maine (Le Mans, France), 6-8 June 2008.
Call for Papers
This is an international conference organised by the Université du Maine
with the participation of the Université de Rennes II and the Modernist
Magazine Research Group based at the University of Paris III-Sorbonne
Nouvelle. Its aim is to continue research already underway into the role
and importance of magazines in the emergence and propagation of artistic
and literary modernism on the international stage. The conference will
examine the relations between modernist magazines -- English, American and
others -- and the political context in the years 1900 to 1939, focusing on
two fundamental questions:
How the development of modernist magazines is frequently related to
political situations, affiliations, conflicts and commitments;
How, although they may define themselves as purely “aesthetic” or
officially “apolitical,” such magazines are inscribed in the ideological
contexts of their time.
These questions in turn raise others, such as:
The structural or dialogical links between modernist magazines and the
political institutions, parties, currents, ideas or personalities of the time.
The insertion of political discourse into modernist magazines, and the
exchanges, contradictions and conflicts which it entails.
The evolution of modernist magazines in the context of the emergence of
overtly politicised literary or artistic practices, e.g., literature which
conceives of itself as the aesthetic realisation of clearly defined
ideological dogma.
Whether the evolution of modernist magazines can be historicised in terms
of thresholds (e.g. 1914, 1917, 1919, 1929, 1936 or others) which put
political questions in the cultural limelight.
Papers related to such themes or, more generally, to the forms, history and
culture of modernist magazines as seen from a political perspective are
welcome. They should be given in French or English and last around 20
minutes. Please send 150-word abstracts to both Hélène Aji
( and Benoît Tadié ( by
November 1, 2007.

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