CFP: [International] The Spanish Civil War: History, Memory, Representation, Cardiff, UK, 9th-10th February, 2008

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Anindya Raychaudhuri

The Spanish Civil War: History, Memory, Representation
An International Interdisciplinary Conference
Date: 9th-10th February, 2008
Venue: Temple of Peace, Cardiff.

"The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth." -
 George Orwell

“History…is a Spanish battlefield.” â€" Giles Tremlett

Seventy years ago Spain was engulfed in a long and bloody civil war, pre-
empting a struggle which would in a few years erupt across Europe and the
rest of the world. In the decades since the Spanish conflict has been
endlessly discussed and written about, and represented in countless
literary, cinematic and visual works of art.

The Spanish government declared 2006 the Year of Historical Memory and
submitted a “law of historical memory” to the country’s Congress for
ratification. For the first time the mass killings committed by General
Francisco Franco’s fascist regime (1939-1975) are going to be legally
exposed as “unjust”, hopefully leading to some form of reparation for the
victims and their families. As expected, this law has caused protests
from right-wing conservative groups who see the proposed law as an effort
at historical revisionism. They believe that victims from both the
Nationalists and the Republications should have equal claim to
reparation. Ironically, the Law of Historical Memory has been castigated
by the political descendents of Franco as ‘Orwellian’. So what exactly,
if any, should the position of the Spanish Civil War be in the collective
memory of the country, the continent and the world?

This international, interdisciplinary conference organised by the Welsh
Centre for International Affairs [in conjunction with Cardiff University]
seeks to examine representations of the War, and how they have helped
create the image of the War we have today. The conference will analyse
the often complex relationships between history and memory, compare the
differences between the various ‘lies’ and ‘truths’ that have been
articulated about the war and try to establish what version of history we
should remember.

This event will also showcase the Wise and Foolish Dreamers Exhibition
[organised by the WCIA] and other cultural events designed to preserve
the memory of the Spanish Civil War.

Proposals are invited from any relevant discipline and any theoretical

Possible topics might include:

 The Cultural History of the War

 The War in Literature

 The War on the Screen

 Women in the War

 Ideologies of the War

 The War in Spain Today

 Fighting Fascism Today

 Wales and the Spanish Civil War

Prospective speakers are invited to submit proposals of approximately 500
words along with a short CV by the 30th of November, 2007 to the
conference organizers at:

Notable publisher of books about the Spanish Civil War, Warren & Pell
have provisionally agreed to publish proceedings of the conference.

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