CFP: [International] INTERIORS conference, Ustron, Poland, September 18 - 21, 2008

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Katarzyna Nowak

“I think most of our lives are made up of both things visible and things
interior, with a large chunk of them being interior,” Stephen Dunn has
claimed. This, obviously, does not concern our lives only, but also the
world around us, in which almost every thing seems to have its other life,
the inner one, pulsating in its veins. Just because of their invisibility
or infinitesimality, the interiors elude quantification, although their
influence may be experienced acutely. For the same reasons, and perhaps
also because of their multitude of meanings, they constitute a difficult
theme to explore. Therefore we invite you to attend the INTERIORS
conference organized by the Institute of British and American Literature
and Culture of University of Silesia to be held in UstroÅ", Poland,
September 18 â€" 21, 2008.

Program committee members Dr. Sonia Front and Dr. Katarzyna Nowak welcome
proposals for panels and 20 minute papers from scholars working in all
areas of literary and cultural studies.

In keeping with the conference’s theme, individual paper proposals may want
to address the following issues:

v Postcolonial/ postmodern/ deconstructive/ psychoanalytical/ feminist
reading of the theme
v Gendered/ raced/ ethnic interiors and exteriors
v Geographical/spatial interiority as informative of literary/ film landscapes
v Inclusion and internalization, expulsion and abjection as literary and
cultural themes
v Architecture of human body â€" interiors in anatomical sense
v Remembering and forgetting as internalizing experience
v Mental/ psychical inner space
v The patterns of interior explorations/ journeys
v Diasporas, homelands, migrations, exile
v Aberrations/ collapse/ revision of spatial and temporal divisions between
the internal and external
v Interiors in cityscape/ landscape
v Inner/ interstitial/ private space
v Ways of employing one’s inner space to express oneself and one’s world/
beliefs/ emotions/ thoughts

Please forward 300-word abstracts, including title, professional
affiliation, addresses (especially e-mail), phone number, and AV
requirements by March 31, 2008. Electronic submissions are highly
encouraged. Papers should be delivered in English. Send proposals as a MS
Word attachment to

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