CFP: [International] What's the Big Deal with Democracy?

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Nicola Clewer

CAPPE (Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics) 3rd
international interdisciplinary conference, 'What's the Big Deal with
Democracy?', University of Brighton, UK, 8-10 September 2008.

It is widely assumed that it is simply self-evident that democracy is the
best system of government that anyone has yet devised: admittedly
imperfect, but better than anything else. But why? What exactly does
democracy have to recommend it? What are the assumptions that lie behind
democracy? And what sort of democracy are we talking about? Is
representative democracy the ideal form of democracy? Is it the best
guarantor of freedom? How does democracy understand freedom? Are there any
plausible alternatives either to democracy itself or to representative
democracy? And what might thinking about alternatives suggest about the
sort of polities into which we might organise ourselves? Does the state
remain the zenith of political organisation? And what might the
implications be for the organisation of political life, and for democracy
in particular, of the growth of corporate power and of corporate forms of

We anticipate that these and related issues will be of interest to people
working in, among other areas, philosophy, political theory, politics,
sociology, international relations, cultural studies, history, government
and law.

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