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Dr. Laurence Davis
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Call for Papers for Panels/Publication on “Re-Imagining Revolution”

1st Anarchist Studies Network Conference

4th-6th September, 2008 (Confirmed)

Department of Politics, IR, and European Studies, Loughborough
University, UK

What is the meaning of revolution today? From the French Revolution
through much of the twentieth century, both the theory and practice of
revolution was dominated by the assumption that the violent seizure of
state power was the defining characteristic of revolutionary change. In
recent years, this assumption has increasingly been called into question
by a wide range of thinkers and activists from across the radical
political spectrum. Yet only a small minority appear to recognise the
extent to which recent developments were anticipated by the words and
deeds of certain anarchist revolutionaries over a century ago. As a
result, a rich and diverse corpus of anarchist revolutionary experience
has been neglected, and its relevance to the contemporary world

By way of contribution to the process of remedying this historical
amnesia and generating fresh ideas rooted in critical reflection on the
past, we invite paper proposals for a series of Anarchist Studies Network
conference panels on the theme of “Re-Imagining Revolution”. More
specifically, the aim of the panels is to creatively re-imagine the
concept of revolution in ways relevant to the times in which we live,
with a particular emphasis on the distinctive contributions and
limitations of anarchism â€" both classical and contemporary â€" and anarchist
(ic) variants of contemporary counter-cultural social movements.

While there is no restriction on possible paper topics, proposals
informed by feminist, anti-racist, ecological, pacifist, utopian,
romantic, and non-Western anarchist perspectives are particularly
welcome. So, too, are papers that promise to illuminate the relationship
between the “personal” and the “political” aspects of revolutionary
change; its joyous, witty, sensuous, playful, and aesthetic dimensions;
the possibilities for combining revolutionary spontaneity and
organisation; the conception of revolution as a process unfolding over
time rather than a singular cataclysmic event; and the roles of direct
action, prefigurative politics, non-violent struggle and organised non-
cooperation, countercultural communal experiments and alternative
lifestyles, affinity groups and networks, social centres and co-
operatives, skill sharing and the practice of mutual aid, utopian
imagination, Luddism, and the qualitative transformation of work in
generating radically open-ended, popular, organic, constructive, and
creative forms of revolutionary change.

Some of the speakers confirmed as of January 2008 include Ruth Kinna,
current editor of the journal *Anarchist Studies*; David Graeber, author
of *Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology*; Sasha Roseneil, author of
*Common Women, Uncommon Practices: The Queer Feminisms of Greenham*; Saul
Newman, author of *From Bakunin to Lacan: Anti-Authoritarianism and the
Dislocation of Power*; and John Jordan, co-editor of *We Are Everywhere:
The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism* and co-founder of the
Clandestine Rebel Insurgent Clown Army.

Selected papers from the conference will be revised for publication
either in the form of a special journal issue or as an edited volume.

If you are interested in contributing to the panels, please send an email
to Laurence Davis (the convenor, at by 26th March
2008 including a paper title, 200-300 word proposal, and contact details.
Alternatively, if you wish to propose a complete three-person panel,
please send a panel title, brief synopsis of the panel, and names and
contact details of all contributors, indicating after each name whether
participation has been confirmed. Informal inquiries about alternative
panel or workshop arrangements are very welcome.

For further information about the conference, see http://www.anarchist-

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