CFP: [International] Asian Ways: Traditions and Transitions (Thailand)

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Katarzyna Ancuta
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2nd Annual ACSA Conference
Asian Ways: Traditions and Transitions
Bangkok, Thailand, 5-6 August 2008


The insistence of journalistic discourse to refer to Asia today as to a
continent in transformation, on the rise, in motion, in progress, in
transfer and transition can but make one wonder about the seemingly
irresistible need to resort to the metaphor of movement to convey the
world’s opinion on the changes Asia has been undergoing in recent decades.
Still, movement implies a journey and journeys map out the roads â€" those
more and less taken. And while moving us forwards, the same roads may in
fact lead us back into the past. To a journalist this may well seem yet
another opportunity to invoke the famous “Asian Paradox” â€" a useful turn of
phrase coined to express practically every aspect of Asian culture that
escapes Occidental logic. For has it not been already declared that
Tradition stands in a way of Progress and the two are mutually
incompatible? How is one then to comprehend the notion of a modern
traditional society â€" as an oxymoron, a paradox, or perhaps as just one of
the many observations that can be made about contemporary Asia?

This conference seeks to explore new ways of understanding Asian traditions
and transitions, inviting contributions reflecting on the changes in
reading and representing Asian literatures, cultures and societies.

We invite papers and presentations on Asia-related aspects in literature,
language, literary criticism, film & media, theatre & performing arts, art
& design, architecture, new media, cultures & societies, gender, race &
ethnicity, popular culture, martial arts, religion, philosophy, ideology,
semiotics, critical theory and any other forms of cultural expression. All
critical approaches are welcome.

Please submit your 200-word abstracts to Katarzyna Ancuta at
or by 31.03.2008, including your University affiliation,
and whether or not you will require any visual aid equipment for your

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