CFP: [International] Conflict, Memory Transfers and the Reshaping of Europe (Lisbon, Dec. 2008)

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Diana Gonçalves
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Conflict, Memory Transfers and the Reshaping of Europe

Research Centre for Communication and Culture
2-3 DECEMBER 2008

The international conference Conflict, Memory Transfers and the Reshaping
of Europe promoted by the Research Centre for Communication and Culture
will address, on an interdisciplinary basis and across several media, the
way conflict has reshaped the face of Europe in the twentieth century.
The conference also aims to discuss processes of memory construction
associated with the realities of war, colonialism and genocide, as well
as cooperation and trans-border dialogue. The event wishes to provide
further insight into our understanding of the historical, psychological,
social, political, ethical and aesthetic aspects of the representation of
conflict, trauma and resentment, both as a lasting feature of Europe’s
legacy, and as creative force that is moulding its future.∙
After having experienced the end of the European supremacy and years of
unprecedented destruction and nihilism, the end of the Cold War brought
about new tensions and perplexities with social and political expression
at the national level and with international and trans-national
repercussions. Likewise, the re-emergence of Europe as a Union â€" a
project devised to insure peace, prosperity and a new equilibrium in the
global age â€" does not mean that the consequences of the countless
historical atrocities, across its territory and beyond, are forgotten. On
the contrary, memory activity is an ongoing process inherent to a
critical re-examination of official historiography and to the narratives
of all those - individual, group or community â€" who want to invest their
experiences with cultural meaning.

The following issues, organized in four thematic areas, may be considered
as focal points of the conference:

• Conflict as a culturally productive force in the formation of
• The Cold War and the shaping of memory.
• Post-1989 European cartographies of memory production.
• Conflict and the arts/Conflicts in the arts.
• The architecture of memory: from stone to screen.
• Gazing over the past: visual media and remembrance.

• Media events and conflict.
• The wars of memory in our global age and in our high-tech
• Engendering oblivion and sexing memories.
• Cultural memory, identity and citizenship in a multicultural and
multiethnic Europe;

Keynote Speakers (to be confirmed):
Aleida Assmann (U. Konstanz, Germany)
Tony Judt (New York University, USA)
Jan Klima (Faculty of Humanities Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic)
Timothy Snyder (University of Yale, USA)
Juli Zeh (Writer, Germany)
Josep Sanchez Cervelló (Univ. Rovira y Virgil, Tarragona, Spain)

Abstracts (200 words) and a short vita should be sent by email to Inês
Espada Vieira ( until April 30 2008.

Organizing Committee:
Helena Gonçalves Silva
Filomena Viana Guarda
Adriana Martins
Diana Gonçalves

Research Centre for Communication and Culture
Conference Culture and Conflict I
Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Palma de Cima
1649-023 Lisboa - PORTUGAL

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