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Maria Hermínia Amado Laurel
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APEF Forum 2008

Literary Cultures: new performances & development

Universidade de Aveiro â€" Portugal
2nd â€" 3rd October 2008


APEF (the Portuguese Association for French Studies) and the” Readings.
Discourses. Contexts” research group of the University of Aveiro’s
(Portugal) Centre for Languages and Cultures (CLC) are the joint
organisers of this international colloquium to be held at the University
of Aveiro on the 2nd and 3rd October 2008.

With its title of Literary Cultures: new performances and development,
this Forum, which hopes to be multidisciplinary in nature, aims to
interrogate and debate the place, the specificity and the effectiveness
of literary cultures in today’s world. A world in which the issue of the
boundaries between the various humanities and, so-called, hard science
disciplines has been the target of intense probing and questioning, not
just within the specialist university-level environment, but also by the
media in general.

On the other hand, any reflection on literary cultures cannot be divorced
from a reflection on those development policies which involve centres of
power, decision-makers and mediators who bear significant levels of
responsibility in such economically important sectors as tourism and high
culture, and whose actions are intended to increase the attractiveness of
our urban spaces.

In this sense, we invite participants to examine the promises and
challenges resulting from these set of considerations, as well as their
effects on domains as diverse as literary creation and communication
spaces, industrial cultures and publishing, translation and reading
habits, particularly those that make use of new information and
communication technologies. In this context, the place that is (or should
be) given to literary teaching will also become a focal point in our

This Forum seeks to multiply the methodological and theoretical
viewpoints on the ties that bind together literary cultures, development
and the effort to optimise performances, and to propose different
approaches to that “literary thing” as a creative space and as
developmental factor in modern society.

Proposals for contributions (in Portuguese, French, English or Spanish),
which should include an abstract detailing the thematic area chosen, a
brief description of the main content (350-500 words) and author
identification (name, institutional address, email, research area), may
be sent by email to one of the following addresses by the 30th May 2008: or

Organising Committee:
Maria Hermínia Amado Laurel (coord.) â€" Universidade de Aveiro, CLC, APEF
Maria de Jesus Cabral â€" Universidade Católica Portuguesa, CLC, APEF
Lénia Marques â€" CLC, APEF
José Domingues de Almeida â€" Universidade do Porto, ILC-ML, APEF
Maria da Conceição Maltez â€" CLC, APEF
Maria Lúcia Bandeira â€" CLC
Corina Soares â€" CLC


Participants â'¬ 80,00
APEF Members â'¬ 40,00
Postgraduate students â'¬ 35,00
APEF Forum 2008 Dinner â'¬ 30,00

Enrolments deadline: 12th September 2008.
Further information and the enrolment form can be found by clicking on
the web addresses at the bottom of this page.

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