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Maria Andrade
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Latin American Perspectives on Collecting

Papers are sought for a panel for the upcoming LASA (Latin American Studies
Association) Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 11-14 2009, and
(possibly) for an edited volume.

The private collection has been viewed by some as emblematic of bourgeois
European subjectivity. As Walter Benjamin has noted, the collection, a
world in miniature, wrests an object from its context and reorganizes it
according to a new system, a new rationality, devised by the collector
himself. While he believes the collection "emancipates" the object from its
original context, other authors, such as James Clifford, have questioned
the power relations by which one culture may collect the products of another.

This panel seeks to explore what happens when the private collector is not
European but Latin American, one of Europe's "subalterns". What questions
are posed in this process? How are power relations unsettled? What issues
of national identity are posed? Are the limits between self and other
called into question? Is a different kind of rationality enacted? Papers
may address literary or factual examples of modern Latin American instances
of private collecting. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

Please e-mail a 250-word abstract by March 27 to
Maria M. Andrade
Associate Professor, Dept. of Humanities and Literature
Universidad de los Andes
Bogotá, Colombia, South America

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