CFP: [International] Architectural Education Forum 4

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Beyhan Bolak Hisarligil
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Fourth Forum on Architectural Education with the theme “Flexibility”, is
going to be held in Faculty of Architecture, Erciyes University in
Kayseri, Cappadocia Turkey; May 26-29, 2009. The meeting is organized
with the intention that scholars and practitioners will come together for
interrogating the nature of architectural education.

At present, the evaluation of knowledge and its production processes both
criticizing and approaching in a plural manner assess the intellectual
milieu standing on a slippery ground. On this ground, the flexible
position of the individual is one of the motivating forces behind what
the both creative and novelty are. To keep the pendulum, which oscillates
between transformation and variety â€"that can be criticized by
inconsistence- on the side of authenticity of the word is a problem which
needs to be sorted out in architectural education as well as any other
field. The inquiry whether the authenticity of the word is a problem
which needs to be isolated from any ideological affiliation or not, has
already been made through different courses by the intellectual milieu of
the 20th century. While triggering different architectural attitudes, the
different answers also hold a mirror to the inquisition of architectural
education itself.
Today, what is unavoidable for architectural education is to internalize
informal instruments and media in order to be more flexible. This
provides a positive development of institutional reflexes while forcing
the limits of participation in terms of criticism and emancipation. In a
century where ideological and physical boundaries are vanishing, the new
relationships are in the process of development. Within this context, the
forum aims to discuss on the following topics through flexibility:
Knowledge in architecture
- limits of acquired knowledge
- multi/inter/trans disciplinary - attitude to other developments and
- multi/inter/trans disciplinary approaches
- auxiliary information/data/knowledge
- research by design
Content of architectural education
- notion of architectural design
- meaning in architectural education
- consideration of history phenomenon
- theory as the core of architectural education
- context and cultural strategies
Approaches in architectural education
- teaching methods
- new strategies and trends for studio teaching
- impact of representation media
- interactions between new materials, techniques and design
- flexibility by holistic approaches
- roles and features of architectural educators
- interactions between actors of architectural education
- diversified mediums for architectural education

Submission guidelines:
Abstracts and full texts must be submitted in English and should be sent
in electronic form as MS-Word (*.doc) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf) to the
following address: Abstracts are about 500 words.
The cover page should be prepared separately from the main text of the
abstract. This page must include the title of the paper, the name of the
author(s), affiliation and full contact information.


First Call: April 04, 2008
Second Call: June 30, 2008
Third Call: September 30, 2008
Deadline for abstracts and posters, suggestions for workshops and
exhibitions: November 14, 2008
Acceptance of abstracts and suggestions for workshops and
posters: December 19, 2008 (accommodation,
events, fees)

Deadline for full Papers, Posters submission: March 25, 2009

Organization Committee:

Prof. Dr. Sevgi LÖKÇE (Chair)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Gonca BÜYÜKMIHÇI
Asst. Prof. Dr. Sencer ERKMAN
Asst. Prof. Dr. Burcu CEYLAN
Asst. Prof. Dr. Sema SERÄ°M

Organization Secretariat:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Füsun KOCATÜRK
Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem PARLAK BİÇER
Res. Asst. Hale KOZLU
Res. Asst. Seven YÃœCEL
Res. Asst. Oktay TURAN
Res. Asst. Duygu OVACIK
Res. Asst. Özlem SÜMENGEN
Res. Asst. Özlem ATAK
Res. Asst. Ahmet Erdem TOZOÄžLU

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