CFP: [International] Call for papers EASLCE conference. Alcala de Henares, Spain (Deadline May 15th)

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Imelda Martin Junquera
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EASLCE Conference


“Cultural Landscapes: Heritage and Conservation”

University of Alcalá (Alcalá de Henares, Spain) October 16-19, 2008

For the past few centuries, and especially during the 19th Century, the
contemplation of landscape has been the source of artistic inspiration. In
the 21st Century, landscape has become a concern and an issue of socio-
political debate, as illustrated by the European Landscape Convention,
Florence 2000. The environmental experts of the Convention included the
cultural dimensions of landscape in their definition: “Landscape refers to
an area perceived by people, whose character is the result of the action
and interaction of natural and/or human factors”. Therefore, landscape
is “the geological, ecological and cultural characteristics that can be
perceived in a natural scene”. Perception, a key issue, directs us to the
fields of Humanities and the Arts.The theme of the 3rd EASLCE Conference
focuses on the role of landscape representation and perception, by
studying its development in literature as well as in other arts. More
specifically, we hope to put forth a new perspective in the socio-
political debate by illustrating how the artistic and philosophical
language has also represented (and continues to do so) the close link and
relationship between human and non-human beings. This artistic discourse
not only illustrates these relationships, but also influences and shapes
perceptions and attitudes, and is thus, crucial in fostering environmental

We propose the following topics, although other related aspects will be
considered. Contributions are invited from writers and critics in
humanities disciplines and from the sciences on the relationship of
humankind to its environment. Preformed roundtables and proposals for
panels are encouraged. Audio-visual requests to be included in proposals.
Papers are limited to 20 minutes presentation time, including, but not
limited to, the following:

· The mental and aesthetical construction of landscape: from
the “objective” landscape, to the subjective landscape, to the imaginary

· The mental and aesthetical reconstruction of landscape: between
dream and nostalgia

· The landscape as habitat: human habitat (rural, (peri-)urban),
animals and plants (rural, (peri-)urban, “wild”)

· The landscape as resource: the difficult balance between
necessity, exploitation and respect

· The landscape as a base for an identity (generic, familiar,
regional, national...)

· The multifunctional landscape: productive and non-productive
functions (tourism, nature conservation, etc)

. The inherited, transmitted landscape

· Cultural representations of landscape

· Landscape and identity

· Relationship between women and nature

· The naturalization of women

· The female body as a metaphorical landscape

· The romanticizing of landscape

· Landscape as an actor

· Landscape: still life or living nature

· Images of landscape

· "Sense of place" or "place-sense"

· Natural landscape/Artificial landscape

· Development: Construction or deconstruction of landscape?


The languages of the conference will be English and Spanish. Both papers
and posters are welcomed at the conference.


Please submit a detailed abstract of 500 wordsbefore May 15, 2008
to:EASLCE.congreso(a) Conference website:

 GIECO-IUIEN / Grupo de Investigación en Ecocrítica (Ecocriticism Research
Group)Instituto universitario de Investigación en Estudios Norteamericanos

(Research Institute for North American Studies)

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