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Wolfram R. Keller

Bi-directional Perspectives in the Cognitive Sciences

February 27 â€" March 1, 2009
Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
Conference venue: Historischer Rathaussaal

Keynote Speakers
Gerard Steen (Amsterdam), Peter Stockwell (Nottingham)
Beatrix Busse (Münster), Beate Hampe (Jena), Susanne Niemeier (Koblenz)

In recent cognitive research, there has been a shift from mental representation in individuals
towards the interactional, testified by social cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, discourse
analysis, and so on. Aiming at bringing together researchers who engage in the trans-
disciplinary study of cognitive phenomena, this conference intends to investigate the bi-
directionality, that is, the mutual heuristic applicability of diverse (and possibly complementary)
research topics and methodologies in the cognitive sciences.

While the application of methods used in cognitive linguistics and psychology to literary texts,
for instance, has enriched our interpretations of literature â€" e.g., Peter Stockwell’s Cognitive
Poetics (London and New York: Routledge, 2002) â€" how could cognitive phenomena reflected in
literature help to uncover similar manifestations and refine their study in more traditional
cognitive sciences such as linguistics and psychology? To what extent can techniques used in
cognitive approaches to linguistic and literary analysis be beneficial to studies in language
acquisition and teaching â€" and how does the latter affect the former? How do different mapping
processes â€" for example, metaphors of embodiment in non-Western cultures â€" contribute to our
understanding of seemingly universal metaphorical mappings? And how can applied cognitive
linguistics benefit from potential parallels in cross-cultural mappings?

We would like to encourage the submission of papers from scholars working in the fields of
linguistics, language acquisition and teaching, literary and cultural studies, anthropology,
psychology, sociology, and others, that explore how cognitive approaches within these
disciplines can enrich and illuminate one another.

Selected papers will be published in a peer-reviewed volume.

Organizers: Astrid Lohöfer, Marcus Callies, and Wolfram R. Keller

Please send abstracts (as pdf-attachments) of no more than 300 words (excluding references) by
1 August 2008 to Wolfram Keller (<kellerw_at_staff.uni-marburg.de>)

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