UPDATE: [International] Gothic congress in Mexico

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Antonio Alcala
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Gothic Literature: A local and Global Phenomenon

The Gothic Literature is just beginning to become recognized as a literary
field worth of study among Mexican scholars. Its future is very promising,
for once it becomes of full academic interest in Mexico, doors will become
wide open to deepen into the study of a style whose manifestations go
beyond time, culture and genre boundaries.

Objetive: After the great response received last year for the first Gothic
Congress (1er Coloquio de Literatura Gótica 2008) this time the aim is to
keep encouraging the interest in the Gothic among both students and
scholars at the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and other
Mexican institutions. To achieve this, we propose to start from the idea of
the Gothic seen as a series of conventions reappearing into different time
and cultural contexts. Besides, emphasis will be made on exploring the
intertextual connections between the Gothic and other literary modes, as
well as artistic forms in general.

Dates: March 30, 31, and April 1, 2009 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday).

Place: Salas A y B, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature (FFyL), UNAM
(Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico), Mexico City.

Call for Papers: We are calling all scholars and students interested in
helping raise interest for the Gothic in Mexico. We are calling you to
compose papers centered upon the idea of the Gothic as a timeless and
intercultural artistic phenomenon, as well as to explore the
intertextuality shared by the Gothic with other artistic genres and modes.

Possible Topics
. History and evolution of Gothic Literature
. Gothic elements in Mexican and Latin-American Literature
. Postcolonial Gothic
. National Gothic Literatures (British Gothic, Scottish Gothic, American
. Gothic Literature and Postmodernism
. The future of Gothic Literature
. Gothic Film
. Gothic and Art

Those interested in taking part in the congress will be asked to send an
abstract of their paper in 200 words, including its title; as well as a
short summary of their academic background (50 words) with full name of the
participant. The proposals will be received until December 31, 2008.

The participants will be given around 20 minutes to read their papers.
Works will be presented either in English or Spanish.

In addition, recess periods between conferences will be organized as free
interaction forums to allow both participants and public to share ideas and

All proposals, papers and questions are to be sent to:

aragorn_heir_of_isildur_at_hotmail.com or antonio.alcala_at_itesm.mx

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