CFP: [International] Regulated Liberties. Negotiating freedom in art, culture and media.

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Anu Laukkanen
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Call for papers and panels - Regulated Liberties.
Negotiating freedom in art, culture and media

1st Rethinking Art Studies (REARS) conference in Turku, August 20â€"22 2009,
University of Turku, Finland

Freedom is a heavily charged notion with a vast conceptual width. Yet, the
question of freedom and its regulation remains inadequately studied in the
field of art, culture and media. Research has often relied conceptually on
dichotomies and concentrated on revealing different kinds of power
structures and forms of oppression, which tends to simplify the complex
nature of freedom and constraint. The conference is dedicated to rethinking
cultural power in new inventive ways not based on a dichotomous logic of
domination and resistance. The concept of "regulated liberties" denotes a
more complex relationship of negotiation between the dominant and its subjects.

The aim of the conference is to relate art, culture and media to questions
concerning freedom, emancipation and resistance. The overall conference
topic disperses on the theoretical fields of subjectivity, social
structures, and representation. The conference provides a forum for the
development of innovative and creative research concerning temporal/spatial
dimensions, genres and identity production in art, culture and media.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (Yale University, The Graduate Center of
The City University of New York, USA)

Professor of Communications Angela McRobbie (The Department of Media and
Communications, Goldsmith, University of London, UK)

Professor Colin B. Grant (The Department of Sociology, University of
Surrey, UK)

Professor of Women's Studies Marianne Liljeström (The School of Art
Studies, University of Turku, Finland)

Professor of Art History Altti Kuusamo (The School of Art Studies,
University of Turku, Finland)

Proposals for panels and individual papers:

The conference organizing committee invites proposals for panels and
individual papers. Possible topics may include (but are not limited to) the

-How have the concepts of freedom and emancipation been employed in the
context of art, culture and media

-In what ways do culture and art regulate conduct in (neo)liberal regimes
and vice versa?
-How do culturally sanctioned representations impose hegemonic identities?
-In what ways should genres be (re)thought in art? Are they regulating regimes?
-Under what circumstances does resistance take place, and is it necessarily
conscious and intentional?
-In what ways are subjects produced both as objects of regulatory norms and
as agents capable of resisting these norms?

-How does embodiment work as a corporeal nexus for several axis of power,
as a gendered, racialised, and sexualised signifier of multiple regulatory
-How could the role of institutions and economy be conceptualised in new
and productive ways?

Please use your surname as the document title. Abstract should be sent in
the following format: (1) Title (2) Presenter(s) (3) Institutional
affiliation (4) Email (5) Abstract. Panel proposals should include: (1)
Title of the panel (2) Name and contact information of the chair (3)
Abstracts of the presenters.

Note! The deadline of the abstracts is extended. Abstracts (200â€"300 words)
for twenty-minute papers as well as proposals for 2 hour panels should be
submitted as an email attachment to reglib(a) by January 31st 2009.
Presenters will be notified of acceptance by February 16th 2009.

For more information, contact us at reglib(at) or visit the website

The School of Art Studies, University of Turku, Finland, organizes the

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